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how to make Arnica cream

how to make Arnica cream

Arnica blossoms are medicinal plants. They lighten scars, dry up bruises and wounds and minimize other forms of swelling. Thymol is an essential element of Arnica cream that is responsible for the maintenance of blood capillaries. Avoid applying Arnica in large amounts because it also contains Helenalin, which can be poisonous. Consider learning how to make Arnica cream if you are spending sometime in the mountains of Europe, North America or anywhere there’s abundant plantation of Arnica. Although Arnica cream can be bought over-the-counter of most drug stores and pharmacies, it is best applied after receiving medical advice. Side effects, such as skin irritation, must be discussed. Safety in pregnancies must also be determined. Proper administration must be practiced when used as an anti-aging product; as recommended by cosmetologists, dark eye circles and eyelid lifts can be treated with Arnica cream. Here’s how to make Arnica cream:

  1. The base of the cream is made by some measures of the oily and watery components of Arnica extracts.

    he oily parts must be emulsified. Heating for both components must be done with the use of water bath saucepans to avoid direct heat from the flame. This will prevent over-heating.

  2. While the heating up the ingredients, constantly stir both components with a spatula and use a stick thermometer for measuring tasks. The watery substance must be at 80 C and 70 C for the oily part to make a stable emulsion before mixing.

  3. Pour the watery substance into the oily component, avoiding the heating device. Add in melted wax while stirring non-stop. Aid your stirring with a Bamix stick to promote the formation of emulsions.

  4. The emulsions should be formed after stirring for around two minutes. The mixture must not be exposed to the air during the process. This can be done by not removing the blending tool from the surface of the mixture. It must remain soaked in the mixture while the blending is facilitated.

  5. Bring the jug to sit in cold water to cool the mixture immediately to 55 C. Continue to stir the mixture.

  6. Specialized fragrance oils can be added to the mixture at this time. Never stop stirring. Remove any hardened cream from the sides of the jug. Gently immerse the bottom of the jug in hot water when blending becomes difficult.

  7. Let the liquid emulsion rest for at least two minutes and remove possible air bubbles by tapping the base of the jug.

  8. It should start to thicken when the temperature begins to drop at 44 C. Quickly pour into previously prepared uncapped containers. The mixture normally sets in at 42 C, so you’ll have two minutes to unload it. Repeat the hot water jug immersion if you get caught up.

Learning how to make Arnica cream is very straightforward but since this is used for medical purposes, one must be very careful in facilitating applications. It can surely treat external blemishes, but there are still continued studies regarding their contribution to the decrease of immune system cells and their adverse effect to people with cancer. If you develop hives and other side effects, stop using Arnica cream at once and seek advice from your doctor. Your dosage can be reduced, changed or totally stopped based on your system’s reaction to the substance. We all have different sensitivities and this must be taken into consideration when treating conditions using Arnica.


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