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How to Make Asian Eyes Look Bigger

How to Make Asian Eyes Look Bigger

Many Asians have small eyes. This is due to genetics. Small eyes are perfectly normal and attractive. However, due to the prevalence of Western ideals of beauty, some prefer bigger-looking eyes. There are many ways to make the eyes look bigger, including surgical techniques. It goes without saying that surgery comes with a variety of risks. If you prefer to consider less risky options, read on to learn how to make Asian eyes look bigger without having to undergo surgery:

  1. Get enough sleep. Teenagers and young adults must have 8 to 10 hours of sleep. If you are well rested, your eyes will sparkle and look full of life. This will make them look bigger. Do not oversleep because this will make your eyelids look inflamed and give you eye bags.

  2. Stay healthy by drinking enough water every day. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables along with a balanced diet. They contain vitamins and minerals that are essential for healthy eyes. Healthy eyes look brighter and much more attractive. This makes them striking despite their small size.

  3. Eyeliner can make your eyes look larger. Draw a thin line right above the lash line. It should be thin on the inner corner and thicker as you go outwards. Also, contour your eyes with dark eyeliner, especially on their lower lines. Curl your lashes and apply mascara. Fake eyelashes can make your eyes look bigger, but choose the ones most suitable for your eye shape. You want them to look real. Don’t use over-extended eyelashes. They look heavy and can weigh down your eyes, making them look smaller.

  4. Use white eyeliner as it is great for “opening up” your eyes. Fill in your waterline with white eyeliner. It will look like the whites of your eyes have been extended, making your eyes seem bigger.

  5. Shaping your eyebrows can also help make your eyes look bigger. Fuller eyebrows with slight arches can make you look younger. Don’t use very strong colors. Colors at least three shades lighter than your hair color can make your eyes look alive. They will draw attention to your eyes, making them your best feature.

  6. Opt for bright or neutral eye shadows. These will make your eyes look lively. Dark colors can only make them look heavy and small. However, you can use dark shades to color the eyelids. This will help to extend the eyeballs. The droopy parts of the eyelids can also be filled in with dark colors to correct their shape.

  7. Use a bronze shade on your cheekbones. This will make your eyes look much bigger. Bronze makes the cheekbones look narrower, thus emphasizing the eyes.

  8. Wear a hairstyle that highlights your eyes. Play with volume, especially if you have long hair. There’s no need to cover your eyes. Just let the style take the front seat. Tease the portion of your hair near the forehead. Stabilize the hair with a strong-hold spray and comb it at the surface to put it in place. It should bulge above the forehead, away from your eyes.

  9. Use colored contacts as these will glamorize your eyes, making them look bright and expressive. Bright colors with variations like aqua and gray make lively contact lenses. If you like brown, choose hazel contacts. There are also fashion contact lenses called circle lenses that are meant to make the irises look bigger than normal, but these cannot be bought legally in America.

These tips on how to make Asian eyes look bigger are not invasive. Hence, they pose little risk for those who try them out. More importantly, some of them actually help to improve your health.


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