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How to Make Bath Truffles

How to Make Bath Truffles

Relaxing me-time often involves a long, soothing bath. And the quicker you get to soak, the better your day gets. To make it even better, bath truffles can make it a luxurious experience. They dissolve quickly and contain a variety of ingredients to turn your bath into the perfect stress-busting, fragrant concoction that you love. Instead of buying it, you can learn how to make bath truffles yourself. Here are the basics to make those fizzy bath treats:

  1. You need molds, glass measuring cups, a mixing bowl, weighing scale, and a sprayer filled with clean, cold water. For the bath truffles itself, you need baking soda, citric acid, fragrance, cornstarch, and shea or cocoa butter. You can add colloidal oatmeal to make it soothing and softening for your skin. Color, glitter, or dried flower petals and other decorative accents are optional.

  2. If you want your concoction organic, use organic cocoa butter and leave out the fragrance if you or the one who will use it has sensitive skin.

  3. First, melt the shea or cocoa butter over low heat.

    Once the butter has melted completely, take it off the heat and allow it to cool down.

  4. While allowing the butter to cool down, portion about 250 grams of baking soda into the glass mixing bowl. Add in about 50 grams of cornstarch through a sieve and mix the two ingredients together until the texture is consistent. If you want color, add pigment gradually until the mixture turns into the shade you want.

  5. Add in about 2 teaspoons of essential oil or fragrance into the mix. If you're using the kind of fragrance oil that makes the concoction fizz (like some citrus-based oils), you need to mix it in quickly. Make sure you do so thoroughly.

  6. f the melted butter is warm enough not to scald your skin, add it into the mixture gradually while stirring the whole time. Add enough butter until the mix has a dough-y consistency, without that extra oily residue. Too much oil won't let the mix hold its shape.

  7. Take a portion of it into your hand and form it into a ball. Or you can press shapes onto the surface of the ball. You can then sprinkle petals or glitter if you want. If you're not adding any embellishment to the bath truffle, set it aside on greaseproof or wax paper. Repeat this step until the whole batch is done.

  8. The bath balls you've made should be quite solid and hard after an hour. To be sure, you can leave them to harden overnight in a cool, clean, and dry area.

  9. Once they have hardened completely, cover them in decorative paper or some other pretty packaging. Otherwise, arrange them on a charming serving plate to serve as bathroom decoration.

If the mixture is too liquid, consider pouring it into molds, instead of forming them into balls with your bare hands. Reward your efforts in learning how to make bath truffles by indulging in a warm bath. Drop one or two in a tubful of hot water and enjoy how the aroma overtakes your senses!


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