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how to make beaded animals

Whether you want to know how to make beaded animals for fun or for a specific purpose, there’s no question they are fun to make. Beaded animals are generally liked, decorative, and provide a good opportunity to express your creative side. They are great as tokens for parties, giveaways for special occasions or gifts to friends. They are useful as holiday decorations or for accessorizing a room or outfit. In addition, they can be a business opportunity at craft fairs, yard sales, fundraisers and other events. When starting at making beaded animals, experiment with simple, flat forms first until you get the hang of handling the string or wire and putting beads through it. Then you can move on to more complicated, rounded or dimensional ones. Practice makes perfect.

  1. Make a pattern for your beaded animal. You can use a graph paper and draw dots on each square to represent one bead. The best patterns for beginners are flat with few color variations. For this tutorial, we will try making a lizard.

  2. Gather 54 dark green beads and three black beads.

    If you want to make the feet black, you will need to prepare 42 dark green beads and 15 black. Alternatively, you could make the feet yellow, in which case you need to have 42 dark green, three black, and 12 yellow beads.

  3. To start, locate the middle of a 120-cm. length of string and tie a knot about one cm. away from the middle. This should create a loop from which to hang the beaded animal when finished. The knot should be big enough not to go through the bead.

  4. Put one black bead through one of the strings, and put the other string through the same bead but from the opposite side. Pull taut so that the bead is flush against the knot. This bead is now the nose. Stringing beads is usually done this way, by taking one string and putting it through the number of beads required for a row, and then threading the other string through the same row from the opposite side so that the row is secured between the two strings.

  5. With the same string used to secure the nose bead, add two green beads and thread the opposite string through from the other side.

  6. For the third row, add three beads: one black, one green and another black using the string last used in the row above. Again, secure with the other string from the opposite side. The two black beads on either side form the eyes.

  7. Add two dark green beads for the next row in the same way. This is a separate row on its own, don’t confuse this row with the next two you’ll be adding for the legs.

  8. Now it is time to make the legs. This time, you’ll be doing the stringing in a different way than usual. Take one of the strings and add two green beads. Then:

    a) if using all green beads for the feet, add three more beads for the feet; or

    b) if using black or yellow for the feet, add three of the color you chose, and pull the string back through the two green beads for the feet. This will cause the three strings to form a fan shape at the end of the leg. Repeat on the other side for the opposite leg.

  9. For the next rows, add two; then three; then four; four; four; and three dark green beads, with the usual method of threading the beads through with strings from opposite ends.

  10. Make legs again using the same method as above and using the same colors as before.

  11. Add another two dark green beads for the next row.

  12. Make the tail with seven rows of one dark green bead each.

  13. Tie the strings together to make a knot at the end of the tail, and then put a drop of hard glue on the knot so it doesn't come undone.

As you can see, making a beaded animal is easy! After this, you can make adjustments for size and shape to make an alligator or some other animal. You can be quite productive and creative by knowing how to make beaded animals.


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