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How To Make Beaded Christmas Ornaments

How To Make Beaded Christmas Ornaments

Even someone with the least amount of creativity in them can turn an old and boring ornament into something magical with these simple steps on how to make beaded Christmas ornaments. Sprucing up your existing Christmas decor need not be expensive or complicated. All you need is some Christmas spirit, and you are ready to go. Before starting, organize everything you need. Gather all the necessary materials and place them in a clean workplace. Make sure that everything is tidy and neat. Separate your beads by color and place them in separate containers, such as small jars. This will give you a better look at the colors that you plan to use. Lastly, choose a color scheme that matches well with all your Christmas decorations. You could, for instance, use read and gold beads with a hint of green for a more traditional color scheme or opt for a white Christmas, which can mean using lots of silver and blue. You can also use multicolored beads for especially colorful ornaments that kids usually love. You will need the following materials: glue, marker, dust rug, beads of various colors, old Christmas ornaments, such as balls, angels, stars, and candy cones.

  1. Clean the ornament with a dust rug. A clean surface will be easier to work on, and the finished product will be a lot neater.

  2. Using a marker, draw a design you have in mind. A simple design example would be making lines across the ornament. More involved would be drawing stars, swirls, or even snowflakes.

  3. Start gluing on beads based on the design you’ve just drawn. Work in small area to avoid the glue drying up. Press down gently on the beads to glue them on. Once the beads are in place, leave the ornament alone to dry. Keep gluing little by little until you’ve finished.

You can be imaginative with beads for your Christmas ornaments. There are so many designs you can make, using various color combination and patterns. You could even personalize them and spell out the names of each family member with beads. Below is a way to make a beaded Christmas angel ornament.
  1. Clean it with a rag and make sure it is dust free.

  2. Trace the outline of the wings and other details with glue and gently place your beads on top. Work in small areas at a time. For that heavenly effect, consider using sparkling silver and white beads. Remember that the idea is to highlight parts of the ornament, so don’t cover everything with beads.

There are so many other ways to make beaded Christmas ornaments. You can use the same style to bead your candy cones, stars, bells, and other types of ornaments. Let your imagination run free and have fun doing it. These amazing beaded ornaments will surely add sparkle to your tree, and they will be one of a kind since you made them! A handful of beads and some creativity is all you need to learn how to make a beaded Christmas ornaments.


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