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How To Make Beaded Jewelry

How To Make Beaded Jewelry

To some, jewelry is a symbol of social status, luxury, and elegance. Since the time of early civilizations, history shows that people from the past who wore jewelry belonged to a higher class in their society and were accorded with influence and power over a certain community. This simply means you will be far from the first to learn how to make beaded jewelry. Many jewelers craft precious stones, charms, gems, and other materials into beads. It is not just the traditional materials, like gold and diamonds, being used. They incorporate various metals, stones, and gems in their designs to make unique looks. However, not everyone has the privilege of enjoying expensive jewelry. Many opt for inexpensive extravagance. It is just a matter of being innovative, creative, and unique in a very economical way. To create your own beaded jewelry, below are simple steps you can follow.

  1. Come up with a design. Do not confine your imagination to the usual style of beaded jewelry. Think of something special, extraordinary, and new.

    Consider sketching out what’s in your mind.

  2. Shop around and look at the latest trends in beaded jewelry design. Visit jewelry shops and fashion stores. You can also browse the Internet. In doing so, you can expand your ideas and style.

  3. Secure materials. Before buying any item, make sure you have shopped around as prices can really vary. This will give you wider choices in terms of price and product quality. You will notice that certain beads that are pricey in one store may be cheaper in another store. In short, be a smart buyer.

  4. Choose a reliable string or wire material because it will hold the entire jewelry structure together. Also, make sure you aren’t allergic to whatever you decide on.

  5. Measure and cut the desired length of your string or wire.

  6. String the beads together based on your design. Stop adding beads when there an inch or two of the string  left.

  7. Secure the string ends together with locking beads as soon as you finish stringing the desired beads.

These seven simple steps can teach you how to make beaded jewelry on your own. Regardless of whatever bead materials you use, it is the technique and the creativity that you incorporate into your design that matters most. Even if the materials are cheaper, as long as the design is pleasing to the eye, then your beaded jewelry will still be a hit.


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