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How To Make Beaded Key Chains

How To Make Beaded Key Chains

A keychain is a very important organizing tool. It keeps all your important keys together and makes them very easy to access. As you increase the number of keys, your keychain may get overcrowded and bulky. It becomes more of a hassle rather than an organizing device. One good remedy to this problem is to learn how to make beaded key chains on your own so you will have every set of your keys properly secured. Making a beaded key chain is a simple undertaking that even your kids at home can enjoy doing. It’s just a matter of following a design and stringing some beads. Also, you do not have to spend much money on the materials because they are not really expensive. You can even go with the discounted items in the nearby store. Below are the steps to make a beaded key chain.

  1. Secure your materials. Beads are available in most stores like Target or Wal-Mart. Select beads based on preference and also consider practicality. For instance, a striking bead color that can glow in the dark would be great on a key chain.

    When selecting a string, choose a durable and strong one. Remember, your key chain is supposed to hold several keys; hence, the string must be strong enough to carry a considerable weight.

  2. Organize your beads according to color. This will make it easier to follow a particular pattern. Place them in a container or a surface where they cannot roll away. For instance, you could use small bowls or towels.

  3. Think about a key chain design and maybe even write it out. Try to come up with something striking so that the key chain can be easily distinguished whenever it is mixed up with other household items.

  4. Measure and cut your string whether it is nylon, leather, hemp, yarn, or some other material.

  5. Connect the string to the key ring. Tie one end of the string onto the key ring. Make sure it is a loose knot because you have to untie it later on to connect it to the other end of the string.

  6. Fill the string with beads. Consider not just alternating colors but also sizes.

  7. Tie double-knots on both ends and connect them together on the key ring. Make some finishing touches. Trim any excess string.

By simply following these steps on how to make beaded key chains, you can make as many key chains as you like. Use some for yourself and even give them away as gifts to family or friends.


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