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How To Make Beeswax Candles

How To Make Beeswax Candles

You, your children, and everyone else in the family can easily learn how to make beeswax candles, and all of you will surely enjoy such a fun project. Candles are great decorative items because of their unique look, nice style, beautiful smell, and colorful glow. Amongst the different kinds and styles of candle-making project, beeswax is said to be the easiest one. Beeswax candle-making is indeed eco-friendly because when the candle starts to burn, it does not release smoke or toxins that can potentially pollute the air. Although the job can be a little expensive, you can still give it a try with any of the following methods.

  1. The Cold Rolling Method. This method requires beeswax sheets that are particularly intended for making fashionable candles. The beeswax sheets can measure at least 10-inch by 14-inch to 12-inch by 16-inch. When making candles, you can go for different colors although non-dyed or natural is preferable.

    First, lay the beeswax sheet on a flat surface with the side facing you equal to your desired candle length.

    Cut the cord or wick to be about two inches longer than the beeswax sheet. Place it on the wax near the edge closest to you and then press it down onto the wax. If the sheet seems a little stiff, it may be difficult to roll it. Use a hair dryer on a low-heat setting to soften the beeswax. Just don’t overdo it. Then start rolling the sheet to entirely cover the wick. You should roll it slowly and ensure that air isn’t trapped in between rolls. Apply the same pressure along the wax length while rolling. After achieving your desired candle thickness, simply cut off the remaining sheet. If you want a thicker candle and you’ve used the entire sheet, add another one and keep rolling. Then press down the end-edge of the wax sheet. After that, evenly trim the bottom.

  2. The Molding Method. This kind of candle making process is more traditional. You can use any molding tool of your choice, as long as it is dry and clean, to produce tapered candle. Using any kind of releasing spray is an equally good option. Remember that molding tools have different ways of settling the wick at the bottom of the candle.

    Start melting the beeswax sheet at about 175 degrees F in your double boiler. You can add coloring while the wax is melting down. Do not put in a huge amount of coloring all at once. Keep adding slowly until you get the desired color.

    You can also add in fragrant oil for smell. To do so, slowly mix in the oil after melting down the wax. For every pound of beeswax, add only one ounce of an essential oil.

    Start pouring the melted wax into the molding tool containing the wick. As you pour, gently tap the outside of the mold in order to release trapped air. After completely filling it, allow it to cool at room temperature. Putting it in a refrigerator to speed up the cooling process is not advisable because that can cause cracks in the candle. After you remove it from the mold, you can proceed to refrigerating it for about 5 to 10 minutes.

  3. The Wick-Dipping Method. Although the mechanism involved here requires some equipment, this is a rather a slower candle-making process. This dipping method is one of the oldest ways of making candles. This method involves dipping the cord or wick onto the melted wax. In essence, the height of your candle is largely dependent on the depth of the melted wax container.

    Melt the wax as described in the molding method. While melting, cut your wick to twice the measurement of the desired candle’s height plus 4 to 6 inches in excess. Then drape the center of the cord over a dowel. Make the first few dips into the melted wax. Remove the wick and allow it to cool a little and dip again. The dipping process, at some point, needs timing and precision. On one hand, you cannot spend too much time cooling down the wax after every dip. On the other hand, you cannot let every dip stay in the melted wax too long as the previous semi-hardened wax will melt.

The thickness of your candle will depend on the number of dips made. When the desired thickness is achieved, allow the candle to cool and harden some more. Take your time as you go through the three processes described above on how to make beeswax candles. Once time you master a process, you can easily make more and more beeswax candles of various shapes, scents, and colors.


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