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How to Make Bird Feeders

How to Make Bird Feeders

Watch how your bird grows to his maximum weight and height by observing how well he eats. There are many ways to feed your feathered friend with his favorite mix of seeds, fruits and pellets. The most inexpensive way is to feed him from the palm of your hand or place a little amount of food directly into his mouth using your fingers. Another way is through learning how to make bird feeders out of materials that can be found within your home. Your feeder does not necessarily have to be bought from the store as long as it is attractive to the eyes of the bird and allows him to feed on it comfortably. Here is a step-by-step way of making a bird feeder that has been made from recycled materials found in the home:

  1. Collect the materials you will use to create the feeders. Look around the home for things that you no longer use like a carton of milk, drink bottles or yoghurt pots and clean them, then set aside. You will also need scissors, wire or string, paint and a mixture of bird food.

  2. Paint the feeder and make it attractive.

    Depending on your personal preference, you may paint the feeder with attractive and inviting colors that are pleasing to the eyes of the bird. Use paint colors like light blue and other soft colors. Do not use bright colors, such as red, as this might just scare them away.

  3. Cut a hole on the side of your carton, bottle or pot and small holes at the bottom. The hole on the side of the carton or bottle must be big enough to allow an easy flow of bird food. However, do not make it too big to cause an over-spill of food. The holes at the bottom of the container will create a passage for rain water to drip away.

  4. Create a hole on the cap of the bottle or on the top of the box. You will need the hole to attach a string or wire in it so that you are able to hang the feeder on the branch of a tree. Enough length of wire or string should be attached to the feeder. You can also let it hang loose on your windowsill, but not too high that you will have a hard time replacing it. The lid of the hole on the bottle might be too sharp and you might hurt the beak of your feathered friend. To prevent this from happening, seal and protect it with masking tape.

  5. Add the mixture of bird seeds, pellets and food to the feeder. Before finally hanging it on the tree, fill the feeder with good quality bird meal, which your feathered friend will surely enjoy. Refill the food every time it runs out.

  6. Replace the feeder if it is already wearing out. Frequently check the status of your feeder and make sure that it still serves its purpose. Create a new one using the same process when you see that it is torn and has worn out or when the bird food forms molds in it. Do this especially during the cold days and nights of winter since your bird will solely rely on it for food.

Learning how to make bird feeders will allow you to show your creativity as this is just one example of a bird feeder you can do at home. There are other varieties in different shapes that you can experiment on.


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