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How to Make Bird Feeders Out of Plastic Bottles

How to Make Bird Feeders Out of Plastic Bottles

Keeping a bird feeder in your yard is a great way to get wild birds to visit your garden. In the spring and summer, your bird feeders are a welcome source of treats for feathered creatures that happen to drop by. By winter, when the ground is hard and insects are in hiding, a steady access to full bird feeders can sometimes be the only thing that keeps many wild birds from starving, especially if the weather is especially harsh and cold.

    You don’t need to buy a fancy bird feeder in order to help these poor feathered creatures out. With a little effort and very inexpensive materials, you can create perfectly good bird feeders that are durable enough to withstand rain and snow. Find out how to make bird feeders out of plastic bottles.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need a clean, empty 2-liter plastic soda bottle with the cap, two wooden spoons for perches (get cheap ones at the dollar store), a sharp cutter, and some twine. You also need enough birdseed to fill the plastic bottle later, and a funnel would also be useful if you have one.


  2. Turn the plastic bottle upside down. Mark the area where you want the perches to be. The first one could be about two inches above the part where the bottle begins to taper toward the neck, and the second one can be about two to three inches above that. You will be pushing the wooden spoons’ ends through the bottle, so mark the corresponding opposite side as well.

  3. Use the cutter to cut out a hole only slightly bigger than the diameter of the wooden spoon handle. The hole should be tight enough to just fit the spoons through. Keep the holes small so that the bird seed will not easily get wet and moldy in case of rain or snow.

  4. Push the wooden spoons through the holes that you made. The curved part of the spoon should be flushed against the bottle, with the handle of the spoon going clear through the other side. Using your cutter, carefully enlarge the perch holes on the plastic bottle by about an inch on top to allow some of the seed to come out.

  5. Fill the bottle with bird seed, and put the cap on tightly. Take your twine and wrap the body of the plastic bottle so that you can securely tie it upside down.

Now that you know how to make bird feeders out of plastic bottles, the next thing you need to do is find a good spot for them. Make sure to put them in a place where the birds can eat without being vulnerable. It should be at least 12 feet away from brush piles, bushes, trees and other places where cats and other predators can lurk within striking distance. Set it some distance away from the house or the garage to minimize the possibility of window collisions.

You don’t have to maintain your bird feeder all throughout the year, but do make an effort to keep it filled during the winter months. A two-liter plastic bottle won’t need to be replenished too often, but check the contents regularly. If you will be away from your home for some time, ask someone to refill the feeder in your absence as local wild birds will have come to depend on your feeder for their winter food supply.


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