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How To Make Birthday Cards

How To Make Birthday Cards

Learning how to make birthday cards can be so much fun, especially when you’re making it for someone special. With all the technology nowadays, we often lose that personal touch when it comes to talking to other people or even just greeting them on their special day. The best thing about making birthday cards is that you are able to let that person know that he or she is worth your time. Making a birthday card is definitely a no-brainer even for someone who hasn’t made one in ages. It can be as simple as you want, or something grand. The main idea is that the card is personalized, and really, it’s always the thought that counts. For this project, you only need to follow five simple steps.

  1. First, have a clear idea of what you want to make. Again, you can have a very simple approach or go crazy with the details. To brainstorm, think of the person who will receive the card and what he or she likes: favorite colors, foods, activities, items he or she collects, or something silly that you think can make them laugh. With whatever you choose, make sure the recipient will like it.


  2. Then, get all your materials together. Here are some of the basic things that you might need to start working: construction paper, colored pencils, crayons, pens, or markers, various pictures and images (birthday cake, balloons, party hats), pencil, and glue. You can use other materials to make your birthday card more special. You can buy glitter and stickers if you want to be more creative. You can also be more personal and add a picture of you and the birthday celebrant together.

  3. Now you can start with the actual making of the birthday card. You have to decide first on the shape. You can fold a piece of paper lengthwise (horizontally) or crosswise (vertically). You can even trim the sides to make it more artistic. It is vital that you do this first so that you don’t ruin your design inside the card.

  4. This step is the most essential: writing the actual greeting. With colorful writing instruments, write the things that you want to say. Perhaps you may want to write a bold and colorful “happy birthday” on the front of the card. Then you could write a quote or a couple of birthday wishes inside the card. Remember, always think of what you want to say and match it with what the celebrant likes. You can use pencil first so that you can still make changes before you use a more permanent writing instrument. Don’t forget to leave spaces if you plan to add pictures afterwards.

  5. The last step is the fun part! You get to finish up the card to make it more presentable and festive with any other decorations like pictures, glitter, and stickers. If you want a simpler card, could just add borders and a couple of finishing touches.

The next time there is a birthday to celebrate, get your crafty materials and make a card because you now know how to make birthday cards!


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