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how to make birthday invitations online

how to make birthday invitations online

How do you prepare your birthday invitations? Well, there are many ways of making invitations to send out to our friends, business associates, relatives and all of our nearest and dearest. Nowadays, with the advent of technology, one of the best solutions for sending our cards quickly and easy is through the use of the Internet. Can you believe that in just a single click you can send any number of birthday invitations online? That’s how advanced and techy we can be through the help of the worldwide web. If you want to learn how to make birthday invitations online, it’s not a problem. In fact, all that is needed here is your desire to learn and the rest of the learning process will be history. Okay, since you want to learn all about making perfect birthday invitations online, you need to learn the few tips in this article:

  1. Decide on your type of a printable birthday card. Here, you need to decide what kind of free printable birthday card you want. Do you need a simple invitation card, with just the basic features and information about the activity, or do you want invitees to RSVP? You can also choose a printable birthday invitation card that allows you to customize the text and design.

    emember that there are various websites which offer printable birthday cards and invitations. These sites all have their own unique software.

  2. Prepare your printer paper. If you have chosen and perfected your design concept and you’re ready to print, you need to choose the right kind of paper suited for your birthday invitation design. Cardstock is good for the cards while lighter paper is better suited for the envelopes. The easiest size cardstock or paper to use would be 8-1/2 by-11-inch, since that is the standard printer paper size. You can buy computer paper in any local paper or office supply store. Do not forget to buy a glue stick for assembling your envelopes.

  3. Choose which website you want to use. Since there are a lot of websites for designing your invitation cards you need to decide which one is best for you. You should follow instructions carefully when creating and designing your invitation card. Remember that you are given free rein to choose your own design, colors, formatting, font, text and style. Make sure to include the time, location and date of the party, including your preferred method and contact details for RSVPs.

    You will be able to see a preview for your final say on the design before it is printed. If you think you need to make some changes, you can simply go back to the previous screens and adjust or cancel your present layout. However, if you are happy with the final layout and design of the card you can start the printing process on your cardstock and use printer paper if you are making your own envelopes.

  4. So, now you have printed the envelopes and birthday invitation cards. Allow at least three to five minutes for the ink to dry. This will prevent you from smudging the cards. After the ink is dry, you can start folding the cards according to the instructions given on the website and also prepare the envelopes. Once the envelopes are glued in the correct format, let them dry for at least thirty minutes.

  5. Birthday invitations for kids. If you are making birthday invitations for kids, a nice final touch to the cards would include some glitter or confetti, so that it will encourage excitement for the party in the kids receiving them.

How to make birthday invitations online is not really a problem. In fact, for me, the real challenge is to first master the activity online, and then turn it into an online business. Good luck!


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