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How to Make Blue Eyes Sparkle with Makeup

How to Make Blue Eyes Sparkle with Makeup

Diamonds may be considered a girl's best friend, but aside from accessorizing your look with jewelry, you can spice it up by making your blue eyes sparkle brighter than any other gem. You can even take your look even further by accentuating your natural, eye-catching assets with makeup. This simple guide on how to make blue eyes sparkle with makeup helps you strike the perfect balance and contrast to make your peepers really pop.

1. Start with your basic routine. First, prep your face to have a clean canvas for your makeup. You can follow your usual routine of washing your face, applying facial moisturizer, and using other products to keep your skin all dewy.

2. Conceal and apply foundation. Not to imply that there is always going to be something to hide, but any facial blemishes are better left unseen. Using an appropriate concealer, dab portions on areas that you deem necessary, such as below the eyes to lighten any dark circles, pimples to even out the redness, and freckles to lightly fade them out. After this is taken care of, proceed to applying foundation to create the blank canvas that you get to work the right colors on.

Only put on a thin layer of foundation that matches your skin tone.

3. Adding blush and lip colors. Choosing the appropriate lipstick and blush can actually complement the color of your eyes. Light pinks and peach for your lips and cheeks go well with blue eyes. Keep in mind though that if you’re planning to choose bright colors for your eyes, it’s best to tone down the color choices in other areas of the face. That being said, it’s also a good idea to check and make sure the lip and cheek colors complement the eye makeup you plan on doing.

4. Choose eyeshadow. And so, the fun part begins! Choosing from the myriad of colors available is one of the highlights of putting on makeup, and though this can be overwhelming, knowing what colors accentuate your blue eyes can help you make great choices. The trick here is going for a color that contrasts the blue hue. Neutral colors, such as brown and copper work well, along with those that blend well with your skin tone. Don’t be afraid to choose colors with a bit of sparkle, as they can add a nice shimmer. Another way to attract attention to the blue hue would be with complementary colors, or those with an orange or golden hue. Other colors that work well are green and bright blue. When choosing eyeshadow, pick a light neutral color, a middle hue, then a darker shade. These three set the foundation for your eye makeup.

5. Apply eyeshadow. Start by applying makeup primer. This will make the eyeshadow more definite and last longer. You can also use nude cream eyeshadow in place of primer. Next, apply the lightest color you picked over your entire eyelid. Then, apply the middle color to just the tip of your eyelids. Afterward, apply the darkest color to the outer half of both lids. Try to blend a bit so that it merges seamlessly with the middle color.

6. Define the eyes. A little bit of black or brown eyeliner helps redefine your eyes. Make sure to apply it carefully.

7. Add finishing touches. If desired, put on some mascara and curl your lashes to open up your eyes. This makes your lashes seem longer and further highlights your gorgeous blue eyes. Add a second coating of mascara if you want thicker lashes. Finally, check that your eye, lip and cheek colors go well with each other. Tone down the blush if both your lip and eye colors are too bright, or go for a lighter lip shade so only your eyes flaunt the brightest colors.

This general process on how to make blue eyes sparkle with makeup is free for you to adjust with whatever colors work for you. After all, doing makeup is an art.


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