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How to Make Blue Eyes Stand Out

How to Make Blue Eyes Stand Out

They say that if you got “it,” you should flaunt it. If your “it” is your blue-colored peepers, then you should learn how to make blue eyes stand out so you make the most of this physical asset of yours. Take a look at these steps and benefit from them right now:

  1. A popular solution is using eye shadow colors that compliment your blue eyes. The most flattering, blue-boosting pigments for your eyes are those in the orange color palette. This is because orange is the opposite of blue, which means that the former will make the latter color stand out even more. However, this does not mean that you should only limit yourself to orangey colors; you can also enhance your blues with peach, terra-cotta, gold, or apricot, all of which have orange undertones.

  2. Apply an orange-based bronzer on the creases of your lids to make your blue eyes pop, aside from adding depth and definition. Apply the eye shadow after doing this.

  3. Another tip you can use is applying orange eyeliner on your upper lash line to dramatically bring out the blue in your eyes.

  4. If you want to be in step with the seasons and trends, you can go for purple shades to accentuate your blue irises. Blue and green eye shadows can lessen the intensity of your eye color, so avoid these. Pick shimmery eye hues to add brightness and dimension to your look. However, if yours are bright or baby blue with some grey in them, you may do well to use pinks and golds to take off the cold edge and make your eyes look warmer.

  5. To pull off a smoky eye effect without overwhelming your light-colored eyes, use a palette consisting of browns, light pinks, and golds instead of black.

  6. Avoid using white liners or highlighters on your waterline or the inner corners of your eyes as this may look unnatural on you, even though it may be flattering for women with darker eye colors. Instead, use a soft, shimmery beige shade to brighten up your eyes.

  7. If you must use something blue despite the fact that this shade actually doesn't do much for your already-blue irises, use the color in strategic places, like your lashes or the edges of your lids. You can use a turqouise liner or navy mascara to serve as accents. These are especially suitable for those with greenish or grayish-blue eyes.

  8. Using brown mascara is also a good idea as this shade can help make your blue eyes stand out. Make sure you apply this from the very roots, right up to the tips, wiggling the applicator as you go to ensure that your lashes won't clump. Add additional coats if you want a more dramatic effect.

  9. Wearing clothes with colors that offset and boost the appeal of your blue eyes also helps to bring out the best of your irises. If yours is of a deep blue, use a bold blue near your face in accessories like a scarf, tie, headband, or hat. Rosy/red colors also help make your eyes shine and appear vibrant. Browns of virtually any shade work well too. If you have to do violets, the rich, pure purples will make your eyes look stunning. Lighter greens are flattering, and clear bright hues, like pear or lemon, will make your eyes look more attractive as well. You also can't go wrong with black, white, and navy.

  10. Want your hair to flatter your blue eyes? If you have blonde hair, enhance it so it becomes a golden blonde, which will bring out the blue in your irises. You can also go for deep red, if you're feeling bolder. Brown also plays off your blue eyes well, as long as it's not a dull shade. Glossy black hair can make your blue eyes pop and appear more intense.

With these tips, you now know a variety of ways for how to make blue eyes stand out and make yourself a head-turner.


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