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How to Make Boobs More Sensitive

How to Make Boobs More Sensitive

Are your nipples not as responsive as those of other women you know? This, although not a life-threatening or physically painful situation, can cause some anxiety, especially when it involves being intimate with you partner. You can breathe easy now; learning how to make boobs more sensitiveis actually possible and not hard to do, especially with these tips:

  1. For some, making the nipples easily aroused takes a while to get used to and is something that actually can be learned. You have to be patient and allow yourself time to develop that sensitivity you desire. Speak with your partner and have him or her understand this need so he or she can help you. Let your partner play with or stimulate your nipples or boobs often. Observe which motions or sensations elicit a physical response from your body and let your partner know. Replicate those touches or sensations so you gradually build sensitivity. Sooner or later, your breasts may start responding to other types of sensations afterwards.

  2. Some “exercises” you and your partner can try may involve exposure to different temperatures and textures.

    or example, have warm chocolate or honey poured or sprinkled on your breasts, followed by sucking. Alternatively, you can have ice rubbed against your boobs or nipples, accompanied by licking or sucking.

  3. To help jumpstart sensation in this area, rub mint on your nipples or apply eucalyptus oil, balm, or cream on your breasts.

  4. You can also have your partner massage your breasts regularly to help your body develop more feeling in this part of your body. You can even do this step yourself, such as during a long, relaxing warm bath.

  5. Consider taking a 20-minute sauna in the nude once or twice a week. Stimulate your breasts and nipples to help cultivate sensitivity.

  6. Nipple everters may help your breast develop sensitivity. Try using these, even if your nipples are not inverted. The suction involved may help create sensations in your boobs and help your body learn to respond to the repeated suction and pressure. Your body, after all, has the ability to adapt and learn. In time, it will learn to respond to the stimulations of the nipple everter. Just make sure you limit your “practice” time each day to avoid soreness.

  7. Mix some fenugreek powder into your body lotion and rub this special concoction on your breasts every night. You can also take herbal supplements containing estrogen.

  8. Consider exercising to help improve circulation and sensation. You can go for workouts that target your pectorals, the muscles underneath your breasts. You can do planks, pushups, dumbbell flies, or chest presses.

  9. Try going braless for about a month and see if this helps improve breast sensitivity. Accompany this with daily boob stimulation sessions, as the love hormone oxytocin is released when the nipples are stimulated. Wear a sports bra when working out though. However, those 45 and above and who have big breasts should not follow this tip.

  10. If other measures don't seem to work, try getting your nipples pierced as a last resort. Some women find that their nipple sensitivity increases after.

  11. Consult a doctor if the lack of sensitivity is bothering you. It may be a symptom of a health condition or a complication of an existing one. Easing off certain medications or making certain dietary or lifestyle changes, depending on your GP's assessment, may help improve breast sensitivity.

It's important to persevere in your efforts to learn how to make boobs more sensitive. Sooner or later, your hard work will yield good results and give you and your partner immense pleasure.


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