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how to make bookmarks

how to make bookmarks

Think about how to make bookmarks when you have a lot of greeting cards in your stock room that you still don’t want to discard. This is quite different from gift recycling. You are helping to conserve natural resources and save money at the same time. You do not have to buy new gifts for your loved ones, but you definitely have to exert some effort in making these bookmarks special for the occasion. You should take this seriously, and perhaps by following these guidelines you will come up with very useful tokens.  Here is how.

  1. Select the materials to be recycled carefully. You can only make good creations when you use quality materials. This does not mean that they should be new. Just choose the right angle in the used cards. Spot the center image and check at the back if there are no scribbled messages. There should be no damaged parts in the selected bookmark angle.

  2. Trace the bookmark shape before cutting with a sharp cutter or scissors. Be flexible with the shapes. You can incorporate special effects or animations in the cutout to utilize good parts of the old cards.

    his will also give unique looks to your bookmarks. It’s like making a personalized gift for each person that matters to you.

  3. Print some words of wisdom, quotes, or messages in the blank spaces. Do not clutter them with words.  Instead, choose or compose brief but memorable lines. They should go straight to the heart. Print visibly from the computer.

  4. Proportion the length with the width of the cutout. The general bookmark size is 1.5 x 6 inches or 1.5 x 9 inches. They can be wider or longer, but the other side must also follow suit. It will not look like a bookmark if they are not proportioned correctly.

  5. Do some edging if the edges are not cut smoothly. You can do this by using a strip of colored paper that matches the center image of the bookmark. Fold it at each side and attach firmly with paper glue. Cut off the excess colored paper. You can also use silver or gold dusts as edgings or to highlight special portions at the back of the card.

  6. Punch a hole at the top of the marker. Go beyond the normal yarn or ribbon to add to the festive appearance of the bookmarks. There are wide varieties available mostly in tailoring supply stores. You can also add some charms to add weight to the ends of the tassels aside from beautifying them.

  7. Laminate the bookmarks using a plastic laminating machine. You can opt for the commercial process offered in licensed outlets to ensure that they will be done professionally. It’s not cost-effective to buy the laminating machine just for a one-time use. Laminating will not cost that much. Your bookmarks will still save you some money even if you allocate a minimal budget for this process.

The above pointers will not only guide you on how to make bookmarks but also how to make your bookmarks really extraordinary. Bookmarks are widely used especially for book lovers but they seldom buy them. They will really appreciate receiving one from you that is actually made for them. This is also one way of spending quality time with your immediate family. You can also do this together as a project. There will be no boring moments when you know how to make use of your precious time.


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