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How to Make Brown Eyes Look Green

How to Make Brown Eyes Look Green

Changing eye color can be fun. It changes your look dramatically and can earn “oohs” and “aahs” from friends and family. So, is there a way on how to make brown eyes look green? Although this idea may seem quite farfetched, you can try a few tricks to achieve this look.

  1. Bring out the green in your light brown irises by using brown eyeliners and mascaras. Apply a bit of brown eyeliner on your upper lid and your lower waterline to make your peepers pop and look more greenish. Blend in light brown or a shimmery beige eyeshadow on your lids and contour with a dark brown eyeshadow that you apply on your crease. Blend outward so it fades beautifully into your brow bone. Complement this with brown brows and rosy lips.

  2. Apricot or coral shades also bring out the green in your eyes. Apply on the whole lid, from the inner corner of your eyes all the way to the outer corner. Blend so that the area under your brows is a lighter, more subdued shade. Apply a little sheer black, shimmery eyeshadow on the creases and on the upper lash line, starting from the middle and going to the outer corners of your eyes.

    n, line your lower waterline with a white eyeliner to make your irises really pop. Apply sheer black eyeshadow under the waterline, going all the way to the outer corner of your eyes to complete the look. Keep your cheeks bare as your lids are already of a peachy color.

  3. You can also try another trick involving white highlighter and dark blue eyeshadow. Start by applying primer on your lids to hold the color. Finish this off with translucent or neutral-colored eyeshadow that doesn't add in color. Then, apply cream eyeshadow or crayon on your lids. Line the upper lash line with black eyeliner. Curl your lashes and apply two coats of black mascara to open up your peepers. Apply a little white highlighter or shimmer on the inside corner of your eyes. Brush on some bronzer on your cheeks and apply nude lipstick or gloss.

  4. A key step to enhancing your eyes and keeping the focus there is making sure that your skin looks even and blemish-free. Make sure that you apply concealer under your eyes so you hide any dark circles, which may steal the thunder from your brown-green eyes and counteract your makeup efforts.

  5. You may want to avoid using green eyeshadow for your eyes as green actually dulls green eyes and doesn't bring out this color. Use a complementary shade instead, like apricot or brown, as mentioned.

  6. If you're looking for the ultimate, visibly effective solution, get a pair of green contact lenses. See an eye doctor, as you will need prescription, even if they're only for looks. Also, you need to make sure that you're a suitable candidate for contact lenses so that you avoid visual complications. If you wear prescription glasses, you may want your contact lenses to suit your current visual acuity so you don't need to wear glasses on top of your lenses.

These tips on how to make brown eyes look green work best with those with light brown irises. Here's to a more beautiful you!


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