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How to Make Brown Eyes Look Hazel

How to Make Brown Eyes Look Hazel

Hazel-colored eyes are quite rare; it is one of the least understood eye pigments. This hue is a combination of green and brown and may even shift between both colors at certain times or in certain lighting conditions. Fascinating, isn't it? If you want to know how to make brown eyes look hazel, here are some tricks and tips that you may find effective:

  1. Your first option is makeup. Using green eyeshadow or eyeliner can help make your brown eyes more hazel, as it gives the illusion that your irises are greener than they truly are.

  2. Apply some black mascara, making sure to start the application at the roots and right up to the tips, wiggling the wand as you go to prevent clumping. Curl your lashes before applying two coats of mascara so your eyes open up.

  3. Line your upper lids with dark green eyeliner, whether your eyes are dark or light brown. Lighter shades can make your irises look dark, which would make them look more brown than hazel.

  4. Use black liner to lighten up the browns in your eyes.

    Then, apply some dark or emerald green eyeshadow to give a hazel-colored illusion. Use the light-hued shimmery types to add shine and enhance the blending.

  5. Top off the tips of your lashes with dark green mascara to give the illusion of green flecks, making your peepers look more hazel.

  6. Make your brown eyes pop by using dark blue or violet eyeshadows, instead of green. You can also try using eyeliners of such colors.

  7. Layer purple and green on your lids to push your brown eyes into hazel territory. First, apply shimmery cranberry eyeshadow on the crease of your eyelids and blend it up and outwards using a brush. Be careful not to overdo it; if you do, put some baby pink color on the outer edges to help make the edges of the cranberry shade fade beautifully.

  8. For more contour, add a dark plum shadow into the crease of the eye, blending it carefully and evenly with the cranberry. Put a little black eyeshadow into this crease to add more depth. Use a small brush to be more precise.

  9. Apply the shimmery green eyeshadow all over the lid, just inside the purple borders. You can use cream shadow so the color is more vivid and really stands out. Line your lower lash lone with black or purple liner. Apply some white shimmery eyeshadow or highlighter on your brow bone.

  10. Green-colored accessories, such as emerald earrings or necklaces, can add to the hazel illusion. You can also opt for green headgear to complement your makeup. Alternatively, wear green or purple tops.

  11. Another solution is using hazel contact lenses. This is the quickest, easiest, and most effective option. However, you need to consult an eye doctor first before getting a pair, especially if you wear glasses. This is because a prescription is necessary before you can buy contacts, even if these are only for cosmetic purposes, rather than corrective. If you wear glasses, consider getting tinted prescription contacts so you don't have to wear both to see.

The choice of getting contacts, as an option to how to make brown eyes look hazel, need to be considered carefully as this entails some maintenance. You also need to be careful about choosing contact lens types and factor in your probability of developing a reaction to the pair you use. To ensure your eye health, follow the advice of your ophthalmologist.


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