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How to Make Buffalo Sauce

How to Make Buffalo Sauce

Chicken buffalo wings never fail to make it on the appetizer menu in restaurants because they are easy to prepare. They are also delectable enough to prepare you for the main dish. You drool out and your mouth starts to water with gusto as you start entertaining the thought of those crunchy, deep-fried chicken wings. However, an order or a serving of buffalo wings is not complete without the savory and flavorful sauce. Surely, you also have a favorite sauce for your chicken wings just like everyone else. Now, you do not need to go to the restaurant to enjoy your favorite chicken buffalo wings and sauce. You can do it at home. All you need to do is learn the basic yet simple and easy-to-follow steps on how to make buffalo sauce. From these basic ingredients, you can easily come up with your own as you experiment your way through it. Here is a classic example of the aroma-filling and delicious buffalo wing sauce that you can try in the comforts of your kitchen:

  1. The ingredients and the utensils must be laid out on the table. On your working table, prepare delectable and easy-to-find ingredients, which will be used in the creation of your buffalo sauce.

    The preparation for these ingredients will only take you about five to eight minutes, while the cooking time will only take five short minutes and will make one cup of buffalo sauce.

    Grab a tablespoon and measure about 8 tablespoons of Louisiana hot sauce and unsalted butter or margarine and set them aside in separate containers. Using the same tablespoon, measure 1 ½ tablespoons of white vinegar and place it in another container. Measure ¼ teaspoon of cayenne powder, 1/8 teaspoon of garlic powder and ½ teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce and salt to complete the list of the ingredients. You may adjust the measurements of the ingredients to alter the taste, consistency and thickness of the sauce. Because the ingredients that you need are measured in teaspoons and tablespoons, make sure that you use the correct measuring tool. You will also need an extra spoon or wooden spatula, bowls and a saucepan.

  2. Mix and boil. Bring out a medium-sized saucepan then mix all of the ingredients into it. Heat the pan over low temperatures and bring the mixture to a boil until it simmers. While doing this, occasionally stir the mixture in one direction so that it does not stick to the pan and get burned. Cover the pan and allow the mixture to simmer on its own for at least two to three minutes before taking it out of the heat.

    Pour the sauce over cooked wings. Grab a platter or a serving dish and carefully lay the cooked wings on it, designing it in whichever way pleases you. Gently and carefully pour your homemade sauce onto the wings to cover them. Use a spoon or spatula to evenly distribute the sauce onto the wings.

  3. Serve the buffalo chicken wings with chili sauce while still hot and enjoy the greatness of its taste with your friends and family.

Learning how to make buffalo sauce is fast and easy. It is also cost-efficient compared to buying those that are sold in groceries. This will surely be a big hit during gatherings, yet you can do it with no fuss at all.


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