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How to Make Butternut Squash Soup

How to Make Butternut Squash Soup

If you have ever tasted a bowl of good butternut squash soup, then you know how incredibly comforting (and filling!) it can be, especially when it’s cold outside. Although butternut squash actually belongs to the same family as pumpkins and most are quite familiar with Thanksgiving recipes for pumpkin soup, not many people know how to make butternut squash soup. Butternut squash actually tastes somewhat similar to pumpkin. It has an orange, fleshy pulp covered with light yellow skin. You will need a pretty sharp knife or vegetable peeler, because it can be quite tough. Our recipe below actually includes a short guide on how to peel and cube butternut squash, just in case you’ve never tried it before. Here’s an easy way to make butternut squash soup:

  1. You will need 1 medium butternut squash, 4 large carrots (we find that this adds a sweetness to the flavor and makes the orange color pop out more), 2 to 4 cloves of garlic, 1 large red onion, a few tablespoons of olive oil, some freshly ground black pepper, about 800 ml of chicken stock, and a few sprigs of thyme and parsley.


  2. Hard vegetables like squashes can be tough to peel and chop, but with the butternut variety, it gets easier because of its vase-like shape. Make sure that your knife is very sharp, and if necessary, place a kitchen towel underneath your chopping board to make sure that it won’t slide. Place the squash on its side, stabilize it with the non-cutting hand, and slice off both ends. Cut through the tough skin first, and then lean into your knife to drive it all the way through.

  3. Next, you can start peeling the skin off using your knife or a vegetable peeler. When this is done, cut off the neck part from the body. The narrower neck can be sectioned into rings then cubed. As for the body of the squash, cut it lengthwise, so you can scoop out the seeds and mush. Cut into strips, then cube.

  4. Peel and chop the carrots, garlic, and onion. This will be puréed later on, so you don’t have to chop them too finely. However, do note that the smaller you cut your hard vegetables, the faster it will cook—something to remember when you’re in a rush to get dinner on the table.

  5. Pour some olive oil in a large pan with a lid and drop the garlic and onions in. Cover the pan and let it stew for a few minutes until the onions have caramelized.

  6. Add the chopped butternut squash and carrots into the pan. Season with some freshly ground black pepper and let it cook until the vegetables have started to become tender.

  7. Pour in your chicken stock and add the thyme and parsley. Cover your pan, bring to a boil, and then turn down the heat so that it can simmer for about half an hour. This will bring out the flavors and deliciously thicken your liquid.

  8. After thirty minutes, take out your hand blender and purée everything until your soup becomes smooth and rich.

At this point, your butternut squash soup is ready for serving. Of course, since this is soup, it’s pretty easy to tweak the basic recipe above until you have a version that hits the taste buds at just the right spot. Basically, you just follow the steps on how to make butternut squash soup, and then decide if you want to make it even more special. For example, you can make your soup luxuriously indulgent by adding a little – or a lot—of cream cheese right before it gets puréed. You can also throw in some mashed potatoes for a thicker broth. For those looking for some kick, a pinch of cayenne pepper can do the trick.


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