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How To Make Candle Wax

How To Make Candle Wax How To Make Candle Wax

Why should you learn how to make candle wax to create custom candles? Well, candles have numerous uses as they are decorative and practical. They can be placed around the house in any room or used at certain times, like during a bath or a nice dinner, to add to the décor. They are also good to have on hand in case of power outages or emergencies when electricity is unavailable for light. All you need is some wax, water, a mold, a wick, a stick or pencil, a double boiler, a wooden stirrer, candle coloring, fragrant oil, and a piece of old cloth to make some candles

  1. Accurately estimate the amount of wax needed. Both the wax and water must be measured precisely. To initially measure how much water you need, pour the water in the candle mold and measure it. Then weigh your wax to determine the needed amount. Generally, at least 7 ounces of water is enough for 6 ounces of wax.

  2. Clean the mold of all dirt and dust. Then put the wick through the hole down to the bottom.

    Use the mold sealer to close the bottom. Pull the wick up and tie it on a stick or pencil. Place the stick on top the candle mold in a horizontal position.

  3. Put the pieces of wax in the double boiler. Then pour water to about 1/3 deep. Gently boil. Use a thermometer to measure temperature; the boiling temperature can go anywhere between 185 to 200 degrees F. At that point, the wax should become more liquefied and much clearer.

  4. Add a scent and color. Pour in both the fragrant oil and candle coloring little by little. Putting in too much can hardly be remedied. As you pour, stir the wax slowly so you can see and smell the changes until you achieve the desired appearance and fragrance.

  5. Prepare the candle mold. Pour the melted wax into the mold. Save any leftover wax because you will use it later right before taking the candle out of the mold. You need to ensure that air bubbles aren’t trapped in the mold while you are pouring the wax in. Just taps the outside of the mold to encourage air to get out. When the wax looks like it has settled down a bit, poke some holes at the top of the mold to make passages for air to get out.

  6. Allow the candle to cool down, which can take few hours or so. Refrigerating the mold is a big no-no because that can create cracks in the candle later on. After cooling, notice that the candle has shrunk inside the mold. This time, you have to melt the remaining wax (No. 5) in order to fill in the mold as a finishing touch. In case you need some more, just repeat steps No. 3 to No. 4.

  7. Allow the candle to cool down for a second time. When the candle is completely firm, turn the mold upside down and tap the bottom. If you find it hard to remove the candle, you can consider refrigerating it between 25 to 30 minutes so the candle stiffens some more.

  8. Buff jagged edges. After you have successfully removed the candle from the container, start polishing with a clean, old soft cloth so you can avoid scratching the candle surface to make it smooth.

In all honesty, making candles is really fun. It can even eventually develop into a very useful hobby. As you learn how to make candle wax, there is always a room to improve your skills. Eventually, you can come up with interesting colors, shapes, and sizes to decorate your home or use as gifts.


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