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How to make candy bouquets

How to make candy bouquets

Candy bouquets have a double purpose as both holiday ornaments and delights for your sweet tooth. How to make candy bouquets that will really stand out is very simple. They can grace your tables as centerpieces and will also be delightful gifts to children. Foiled wrapped candies are excellent components for candy bouquets. Their size, shape, and wrapping are just right for the arrangement. Here are some instructions how to make them:

  1. Get the right container, decorations for the container, Styrofoam block, Styrofoam ball, dowel, moss or shredded paper, hot glue gun with glue sticks, wrapped hard candies, floral pins, thin, satin ribbon, curling ribbon, scissors, wide ribbon, candy bars, boxed candy, printed wrappers, Styrofoam, tape, lollipop sticks, ribbons, silk flowers, floral picks, and Mylar Sprays.

  2. Find wrapped hard candies with flagged ends. The color must match the occasion. Follow the motif of the celebrations like weddings, baby showers, and birthdays. Bright, sparkling, and merry colors will wrap up the holiday cheers.

  3. Assemble the container first. This will be the holder of your candy bouquet. Its décor must be consistent with the bouquet crown itself but must be darker if it’s not transparent like clear glass. Paint it if you want to use a flower pot. You can also add some beadwork or wrap it with elegant or fancy wrappings.

  4. Place some candies in the bottom of the container to put weight on it. Insert a block of Styrofoam on top and then supplement a foam ball on a dowel. The height of the block will be the height of the bouquet. Insert the dowel into the Styrofoam block. Cover the top of the base with moss or shredded paper and then glue some candies to the top of the base.

  5. Attach a florist’s pin into one end of a candy wrapper and stick it to the Styrofoam ball. Stick another pin into the other end of the wrapper. Attach the candies until the entire ball is covered. You can add fillers like lollipops, message sticks, and even silk flowers or greens to enhance the volume of the bundle. You may use fresh flowers, if you wish, especially for adult recipients.

  6. Create small bows from double-faced, satin ribbon in colors that match with the candies. Pin the bows between the candies. You can surround the base of the container with these bows and also add some in-between the bouquet. These will add luster to your setup and set the festive mood. Bows made from ribbons are the most popular choice for this kind of project because you can never go wrong.

  7. Trim six pieces of color-coordinated curling ribbon. Tie around the bottom of the dowel and add a twist by curling the ends. These will add more life into your arrangement. Tie a wide ribbon around the dowel just above the curling ribbon to compliment the hanging, curly ribbons. This will also conceal any gaps if there are any making it appear to be very solid with attractive and tasty fillings.

How to make candy bouquets can be tricky. Some twisting and filling techniques must be mastered to be able to create genuinely captivating candy bouquets. Careful installation of each component must be observed to come up with not only a beautiful arrangement but also a durable one. You won’t be able to display it for a long period when they start to fall out from their places. Glue them when necessary but do it discreetly not to leave obvious marks. A tidy and strong masterpiece will make it more tempting to the eyes and even to the taste.


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