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how to make cheap halloween costumes

how to make cheap halloween costumes

If you don’t feel like spending much for your Halloween party, then this article discussing practical options on how to make cheap Halloween costumes is right for you. You can even look forward to saving money during the day of the dead by creating cheaper, homemade costumes. Be very creative so you can effectively scare people to death. The typical ghost costume may not be as scary anymore. Expand your imagination and think of the underworld. During Halloween, kids and even some adults love to wear terrifying outfits to parties and for many other Halloween trick or treat adventures. But for practical and economic reasons, you can make some for yourself and your kids and not have to buy those expensive, scary costumes. To help you with this, go through the following costume ideas and make last-minute frightening costumes from junk.

  1. Super furry, scary vest. Recycle your stuffed animals at home instead of just keeping them in a corner. Look around your house to find some old items. Pick a stuffed animal big enough to fit you, cut it up, remove the stuffing, and you have an animal-like vest.

    If you still have time, you can hand wash it to clean it up.

    Any animal-like, furry vest is best for reluctant adults. With smaller stuffed animals, cut them up for your kids. They will love wearing it for sure. Since this kind of costume is not usually seen at Halloween parties, you’ll definitely make a statement.

  2. The big man with little dolls. This costume is a much more different and distinctive because the concepts are strange: Big man and small dolls, these two don’t seem to go together but can result in an interesting costume.

    Find those old, little dolls around your home and pin them one by one to your hooded sweater and pants. Pin as many as you can to cover your entire body, except your eyes of course. It is very creepy seeing a macho man with dolls all over him. When you go the party, don’t forget to carry a gasoline tank and a match to make your look more dreadful.

    You can make the same costume for your little boy and little girl. In an instant, both of them will look like giant creatures with so many small dolls covering them.

  3. The plastic-man warrior. Essentially, this kind of Halloween costume is made entirely out of junk materials. Collect as many transparent plastic bottles as you can. Clean them one by one, dry them up, then cut them in a way that you can sew them together using nylon thread. This is a homemade costume you can wear many times. It won’t fade or biodegrade.

    This gives you one good reason to keep plastics. Store them in a dry place and wait until Halloween. Your kids can enjoy this warrior costume too.

  4. The umbrella bat. You need a regular-sized and all-black umbrella. You don’t have to buy one but can instead make use of the worn out umbrella in your store room. Carefully remove the handle. Make sure you do not injure yourself. Then cut the umbrella perfectly in half.

    Sew each piece of the umbrella to your all-black, hooded sweater. Get black thread and sew the umbrella piece to the entire length of the sweater from the tip of the sleeve to the bottom of the sweater while following the seam. Do the same on the left side with the other half of the umbrella. Then, put it on along with your tight, black pants. Wear black gloves and black socks too. To create a scarier effect, put black make-up around your eyes.

With these four simple ideas on how to make cheap Halloween costumes, you should realize that there are so many things you can do out with junk you have at home. It is not only a matter of saving your money but also being eco-friendly by reusing materials.  


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