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How to Make Chicken Feed

How to Make Chicken Feed

If you want to raise a few chickens in your backyard but you are not convinced by the claims of commercial feed manufacturers that they have the most nutritious feeds available in the market today – explore how to make chicken feed yourself. This way, you will have full control over how you would like to nurture your chickens. Some would like them to be purely organic. Although chickens eat a lot of grasses, they also need protein to grow. Whatever your choices are, just make sure that they have a balanced diet. Take note of these suggestions for your chicken feeds:

  1. In the wild, chickens pick on whole seeds or grains. There’s no reason why you can’t provide them with the same foods. You can also create a mixture of these whole seeds with grounded grains, especially when the chickens are a lot younger. Like starter feeds for the chicks, imitate the tiny granules so that the young ones can easily pick and digest them.

  2. Do not deprive them of vegetative feeds. These can be fruit peelings from your own kitchen supply, or wild but edible plants in your backyard.

    you just let them out, they will know what’s good for them. Use these as their source of calcium. Try not to feed them with spoiled foods, so that they won’t be prone to diseases.

  3. Provide them with seafood and soybeans for their protein supplements. More natural feeds are live bugs and worms. These are healthy organic varieties. They are as good as fish-based sources. Live and fresh feeds are the best for your feathered animals.

  4. Nobody wants chemically treated chickens for food, so make sure you give them vaccinations to keep them safe from antibiotics. If you are feeding broilers, just concentrate on making them fat for their meat, but use nutritious feeds to make them stronger against illnesses.

  5. Gather table scraps during every meal and feed them to your chickens. They eat almost anything, so it’s up to your discretion what not to include in your servings. Solely leftover foods will not be sufficient for their nutrition, but you can mix some whole and grounded grains to make it more beneficial to them.

  6. Adding a minimal amount of aragonite, refined ground limestone, powdered marble, pounded bone meal, crushed oyster shells or their own eggshells can enhance their calcium supply.

  7. Take note of the vitamin and mineral sources of starter and grower feeds by checking their labels out. Buy these ingredients raw instead. Canola, legumes and sunflower meals are some examples of nutritious sources. Choose the feeds that grow in your area so that they are more affordable.

How to make chicken feed is not a hassle if you live in the rural areas. After all, commercial feeds are not that bad. There are feeds that are already formulated according to your preference. The prices are also well regulated, so you can be certain that you won’t experience over-pricing. Just move to the next supply store if you have doubts with the first one you visit.


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