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How to Make Chicken Manure Tea Fertilizer

How to Make Chicken Manure Tea Fertilizer

There are many types of fertilizers being sold on the market, but if you happen to have a small farm with poultry, then you may want to take advantage of the chicken poop and learn how to make chicken manure tea fertilizer. Chicken manure tea is a great source of nitrogen and other nutrients that enrich the soil where your plants will grow. In fact, chicken poop has the one of the highest nitrogen contents in all types of manure since chickens do not urinate, and they excrete all the nitrogen in their body through their manure. Some of the plants that can largely benefit from chicken manure tea include watermelon, tomatoes, asparagus, and cabbage. If you want to make chicken manure tea fertilizer for your plants, here are the methods and the steps: Bucket method

  1. Fill 1/3 of a 5-gallon plastic bucket with chicken poop, and then add water until it is almost full. Do not forget to label this bucket.

  2. Let it steep for 2-4 weeks, making sure that you stir it once or twice a day.

  3. After steeping, drain the chicken manure tea using a colander or pillow case.

    Catch the tea in another bucket that is also labeled. You may then discard the poop in the bucket that you just drained. Another option is to not drain the first bucket and just scoop out the amount of tea you need from it since the chicken manure would have likely settled at the bottom of the bucket after steeping for weeks.

  4. Cover the tea bucket loosely and always store it outside to prevent the smell from coming into your house. You’ll know that the tea is ready to be used as fertilizer when it becomes the color of weak tea.

Tea bag method
  1. Get a burlap bag, grain sack, or old cotton pillowcase and fill it with composted chicken manure. Fresh chicken manure is not advisable because it might carry pathogens. Also, make sure that the bag does not have any rips, holes, or tears if you don’t want to get messy.

  2. Place a brick over the manure inside the bag, and then seal the bag using garden twine or rope.

  3. Get a trash can or bucket and place the manure tea bag inside it. The trash-can should be placed in a spot where it can catch sunlight. Fill the trash can close to the top with water in order to fully submerge the tea bag. Don’t cover the trashcan.

  4. Let the manure tea steep for a week, making sure to stir the mixture once or twice a day. You will know that the chicken manure tea is ready when the water achieves a weak tea color.

  5. Remove the manure tea bag from the trash can, but make sure that you allow as much liquid to drip into the bucket as possible.

You have two options in using the chicken manure tea fertilizer. The first one is to add it to a spray bottle so that you can use it as a foliar spray on plants. Simply mix one part chicken manure tea with four parts water, and then apply it to the top and undersides of your plant foliage. Another way is to apply the tea directly into the soil by pouring a pint of diluted chicken manure tea around the base of each plant. This should be done on a weekly basis during the growing season. Remember that you can start adding this chicken manure tea fertilizer to your seedlings after a month. Learning how to make chicken manure tea fertilizer is a great way to provide nutrients for your plants without spending too much money on fertilizers in a home and garden store.


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