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how to make Christmas bows

how to make Christmas bows

Christmas, for most of us, is a season of joyous songs, pretty decorations, yummy food and surprising presents. There are many things to choose from to give to our family, relatives, friends and all our loved ones. No matter how simple or grand the gift, they make so much more of an impression when gift wrapped with colorful wrapping paper and pretty bows one. Although there are many Christmas bows available to buy, you can make a more unique one, for less money, if you try to make them on your own by learning how to make Christmas bows. There are plenty of different kinds of Christmas bows you can make: from simple ones to fancy looking. I always believe that Christmas should be a time for bonding with the family. This is exactly the reason that it is best not to stress yourself with things like making complicated bows. This article is more of the look-for-less type of bows that you can make in a couple of minutes but will still look pretty. Another good thing is that you don’t have to buy yards and yards of expensive lace and ribbons. It’s very simple and it’s affordable but still elegant-looking.

A gift wrapping emergency also calls for this easy to make Christmas bow. You need exactly five items for this amazing project. Here are the easy steps to make the simplest Christmas bows you have ever made:

  1. You’ll need the following materials. A pair of sharp scissors, a ruler, a pencil, glue (or stapler) and sheets of construction paper in the color of your choice. If you want, you can use a different material for the bow; you can use gift wrappers, colored papers, sturdy, wired laces and many more.

  2. With your pencil and your ruler, draw out strips on the construction paper as follows: 3 strips the whole length of the paper (8 ½ inches if you have a short construction paper). Then another 3 strips, but this time, make them an inch shorter. Mark out another 2 strips 2 inches shorter than the originals. Lastly mark out one strip just 3½ inches long. Cut all of the strips as straight as possible. The width of the strips will depend on how you want the bow to look. A standard width would be about half an inch.

  3. All in all, you should have 9 strips on hand. Take one strip, locate the middle, and hold it vertically between your index finger and your thumb. Taking the upper end of the strip, bend the upper edge over to meet the center, making a loop. Hold it between your fingers and do the same with the lower part.

  4. Your strip should now like the number 8. Glue all the ends in the middle u or simply staple them together. Repeat this for the rest of the strips except for the shortest one. Shape the last strip into a circle and secure it with glue or a stapler.

  5. Lay the 3 longest pieces on top of each other, side by side. This will form a pattern similar to a flower. Secure everything with glue. Layer the next three pieces on top of the existing pattern and glue them all together the same as before. Do the same with the next 2 strips. Finally, place the circle shaped piece in the center. Make sure that everything is secured in place and allow it to dry.

Having pretty decorations doesn't have to be complicated. Knowing how to make Christmas bows by yourself can be a savior amidst all the chaos of wrapping Christmas presents.


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