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how to make Christmas bows out of ribbon

how to make Christmas bows out of ribbon

You might already be thinking how to make Christmas bows out of ribbon now that the holiday season is just around the corner. This will surely impress the recipients of your gift packages. You can be as elegant or simple as you want in terms of looks, but you’ll save money all the same. It’s your dedicated labor that will make them more special than ready-made bows. It will only take 30 seconds to make a bow when you have mastered all the steps. You can observe how gift wrapping ladies do this in the department stores. You might not have to work as fast as they do, but if you do not prepare ahead of time, you may be in for a real challenge. Here are the ways for how to make Christmas bows with different sizes and styles:

  1. Do the traditional “gift wrap bows” using ribbon that is half inch and one and one-half inches in width. Be sure to match the size of your present. Cut off about three to four yards of ribbon to make it. All you need to do is keep looping the ribbon back and forth while squeezing it under your thumb until you have as many loops as desired.

    e another piece of ribbon and tie it off around the center of your loops.

  2. Use “curly ribbon” to make bows. This is just to have a different twist from the traditional bow. If you already have the material, it will be easier to just gather them together in a zigzag and tie the center with a wire. Arrange the loops as usual and set the curly tails in place.

  3. Simplify the bow for easy-to-open gift boxes. Use less tape most of all. Just use a ribbon of your choice to tie around the gift and then tie a bow. “Wired ribbon” is becoming more easily available and can be shaped without too much effort. They make the gift seem more special than ready-made, stick-on bows.

  4. Create a “ribbon flower” by basting stitches with a thread and needle along one long edge of a lengthy ribbon. When the thread is pulled up tightly, the ribbon will form a circle. A narrower width of ribbon gathered the same way can make the center of the flower. The second layer of petals can also be added if the flower is being made with a lighter-weight ribbon.

You can feel the true spirit of gift giving when you not only spend your time but also your talent in preparing the gifts. They might look so professional that recipients might assume that the bows are made commercially, but it’s the joy of achieving something that will make you happier.  It is a sense of fulfillment that you are able to give a part of yourself to people who are dear to you. There’s no greater gift as precious as this. You will always look forward to doing the same thing every season. How to make Christmas bows out of ribbon is a very personal choice. Your hands can do magic especially when you’ve got the right ribbon! Ribbons with Santas, snowflakes, Christmas trees, snowmen, and gingerbread men designs will be captivating. Words, blessings, plus swirls and hollies on ribbons will complete your Christmas greetings and wishes. Your choice of ribbon, your design, your effort, and your gift will be all in one present.  Your friends and family will soon know your trademark of quality if they haven’t known it yet. Enjoy the blessings and have a merry bow-making affair.


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