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How to Make Christmas Cake

How to Make Christmas Cake

A Christmas cake is just a fruitcake that’s made and served at Christmas. It is traditional to have such a cake during Christmas dinner in some countries, and it is often given as gifts as well. Although people in other countries may never have even heard of Christmas cakes, it is nevertheless a delicious addition to the holiday dinner and one that is partaken of with delight by family and friends. If you want to start your own tradition or try making one, here’s how to make a Christmas cake. Christmas cakes may come in various forms. Any kind of base may be used, in any shape and texture, leavened or not, sometimes with brandy. It may be glazed, iced with fondant or some other icing, dusted with sugar or plain. The instructions below are for the simplest Christmas cake. While it may be nothing to pass on from one generation to the next, at least this generation may get to taste it this once. You may even find encouragement to make a more challenging one next time. Follow the steps below to make an easy Christmas cake.

  1. You will need 16-oz.

    re-packaged pound cake mix (or other heavy-type batter, such as butter cake), ¾ lb. mixed candied fruits (the most flavorful you can find), ¼ lb. of chopped walnuts and baking utensils. The cake mix has to be the heavy kind; you will be adding candied fruits to the mix, and the batter has to be able to take the weight. Adding candied fruits to a spongy mix will defeat the purpose of making the cake light in the first place. Make sure to also use the best candied fruit you can buy. Using tasteless, sugar-laden fruit that don’t taste anywhere like the real thing will result in a less than mouth-watering cake, which gives some fruitcakes a bad name.

    As with all kinds of cooking, use the best ingredients and the results will speak for itself. Note that you will need twice the number of baking pans that the package instruction calls for; adding the candied fruit will double the volume of the cake. Don’t forget to pre-heat the oven.

  2. Soak the candied fruits in a bowl of warm water for 15 minutes. Then strain, pat dry with paper towels and set aside. This will soften and wet the fruit enough to blend well with the batter and prepare it for baking.

  3. Prepare the pans as the package directions call for. Usually you will need to grease the pan prior to pouring the batter in.

  4. Prepare the batter according to the package directions. Do all the steps but do not put the batter in the pans just yet.

  5. Fold in the fruits and the walnuts, taking care to mix everything well.

  6. Divide the mixture equally between the pans and bake according to package directions.

The cake may be iced or decorated. To enhance the holiday mood, adorn your Christmas cake with common symbols that mark the Christmas season: angels, stars, Santa Claus, winter scene, fir trees or crèche figures. If you plan to give it as a gift, take care to wrap it safely and securely, and wrap prettily as you would any other Christmas package. One good thing about fruitcake is that it travels and keeps well. Your Christmas cake should reach its intended destination in good shape to give a taste of Christmas to a loved one who is far away. If you are unsure about how to make a Christmas cake, this information should set your mind at ease and enable you to make one without a hitch.


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