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how to make Christmas crafts

how to make Christmas crafts

One of many home traditions at Christmastime is creating a beautifully decorated house. Many homeowners have been through the process of learning how to make Christmas crafts and have shared this with family so that they are able to make it together. This activity can actually be a good bonding time during the holiday season. It is nice to pause and spend time with the family while doing something together. One of the most memorable Christmas experiences during the holidays is to share the preparations being made for the holiday. If we think about it Christmas is just another day, but the planning that everybody makes, from cooking to shopping to putting up decorations with or for their loved ones makes the holiday more memorable and special. There are so many Christmas crafts that one can do. Even a single Christmas symbol like an angel can have so many variations. To make Christmas crafts, just keep in mind that you’re making something that symbolizes the occasion. This could be a snowman, Santa Claus, candy canes, a wreath, balls, bells, reindeer, mistletoe, Christmas stockings, angels, the Christmas tree and many more.

There are no hard and fast rules about what materials or colors you should use. It’s Christmas; everything is beautiful! Here are some suggested Christmas crafts that are easy to do. A snowman is one of the most popular Christmas decorations. It can be something really big to decorate outside the house. Or you can make small ones to use as indoor decorations.

  1. First look for three round boxes in successive sizes. The sizes that you choose will determine the size of the snowman, since these are going to form the body. You can easily find round boxes in a craft store.

  2. Paint the boxes thoroughly with white acrylic paint. You can double coat if you feel that it’s not white enough to be a snowman. Let them dry.

  3. Once the boxes are dry, take the smallest box, which will be the face of the snowman. Attach two black buttons to the box with hot glue to make the eyes. Attach another button below to make the mouth. Make a nose out of a pipe cleaner and attach it also.

  4. Next is to attach a series of buttons on the two other big boxes. Place these vertically down the middle to serve as coat buttons.

  5. Attach one end of a piece of string through the middle box with a tape, making sure that it doesn’t show. Place a mitten on each end of the string to make both hands. Use mittens of a size appropriate for the box.

  6. Stack the three boxes according to sizes with the biggest at the bottom and the smallest at the top. Finish the snowman by giving him a hat and scarf.

Christmas candles are elegant decorations to use during the holidays. Buying an already decorated candle doesn’t come cheap but making one is cheaper.
  1. Buy plain white candles to work on. You can choose different heights and sizes for variety. Choose a tray to place the candles if you want a group of candles to work on together. Otherwise, you can buy a candle holder that will fit the candles perfectly.

  2. Using thumbtacks and pins, decorate the candles. Since the candle is white, use colors that will brighten it up. Good, safe colors to use are blue, silver, gold, red, green and orange. Use colors that will complement each other.

  3. You can also decorate the holder by simply wrapping a ribbon around it and making a bow.  You can place some pine cones or small Christmas balls in the tray, surrounding all the candles.

There are still more Christmas crafts that you can make. You do not even have to spend much; you can make use of what you have. Use dried leaves to make a Christmas wreath, paper cutouts to make stars or angels and you can jazz up any old decorations with ribbons and beads. You will never run out of ideas and ways when thinking of how to make Christmas crafts. Look around your house and see what you can do with what you find. Let your creativity take over and enjoy making all kinds of crafts.


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