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how to make Christmas cupcakes

how to make Christmas cupcakes

The very first appearance of famous and sumptuous cupcakes can be traced way back to 1796. It was first described as ‘a cake to be baked in small cups’ by Amelia Simms in her book entitled American Cookery. Over time, cupcakes have been a part of every type of feast for different occasions—birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving and of course, Christmas. It has also been common practice to put frostings and designs on the cupcake to make it more appetizing and more pleasing to the eyes. This is also one way to have the cupcakes join the theme of the occasion. Christmas cupcakes are exciting cupcakes to make because you can do a lot in terms of design. The steps showing how to make Christmas cupcakes are easy and absolutely fun to do. In the past, cupcakes were baked in individual ovenproof pottery cups. However, there are many other alternatives that seem to be more accessible and more user-friendly. You can now use muffin tins or trays. These trays are often made from metal but there are others that are made from stoneware and silicone rubber. What usually happens is that individual cupcake liners are placed in each cup on the tray, which makes the cupcakes easier to remove once cooked.

the event that you don’t want to use these liners, you can just apply or spray oil or melted butter to serve as lubrication. The trick to making Christmas cupcakes is to make them appear like Christmas. So, regardless of the flavor of the batter, make sure that you decorate them appropriately. If you know how to bake cupcakes, prepare the best cupcake recipe that you have. Make this ahead of time so that they can cool down. If you don’t have time to bake, just buy ready-made cupcakes from your favorite bakeshop. Here are the steps to turn an ordinary cupcake into a festive one and make it as Christmas-y as possible.

  1. Visualize the designs that you want to create. This way, you will be able to have everything you need on hand. The most basic or the grandest designs can be made with frosting and icing. So you will want to prepare this ahead of time. You can also prepare colorful candies, colored sugar, jellybeans, sprinkles, chocolate chips, licorice and much more. Be as creative as possible.

  2. As soon as everything is set and prepared, it’s time to make the Christmas cupcakes. Remember, there are no rules. It’s just you and your imagination. Make use of the materials that you have. For instance, it is always good to start by applying the frosting or icing in the color of your choice. Using either a spatula or a pipe bag, simply apply the frosting or icing any way that you want depending on the design that you’re after.

  3. Enhance the base with accents and other designs. You can create or draw Santa’s face by using other colors of frosting. You can also do this by using appropriate candies or chocolate shavings. Try other Christmas figures like snowman, angels, mistletoe etc. No matter what materials or ingredients you use, just make sure it’s neat and appetizing to look at.

  4. You can also keep it simple, simply showering the frosted cupcake with sprinkles or colored sugar. You can add chocolate shavings or just plain cocoa powder.

No matter how you want to design your cupcakes, just make sure that you keep them as simple as possible. Keep in mind that Christmas colors are the traditional green, red and gold. You can also go outside these ordinary colors and use blues, silvers and pinks. Whatever best suits your mood and personality, go with it. Follow the steps showing how to make Christmas cupcakes and you will surely feel more of the Christmas spirit!


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