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how to make Christmas gifts

how to make Christmas gifts

It’s that time of the year, and the question of how to make Christmas gifts different this time will be in many people’s minds. If you are one of them, why not think of some things that you do quite well? Do you know how to make homemade delicacies? If so, instead of preparing your shopping list for gifts, be ready to write down the ingredients you need. This will not only save you some money but will also serve as a promotional campaign for your products. Consider these Christmas gifts to make at home:

  1. Make preserved lemons from fresh lemons that have been pickled in salt and their own juices. It's quite easy to do. It will take three weeks before the lemons are ready to use, but it’s worth the wait.  Preserved lemons are used for most Moroccan and Middle Eastern recipes. Include some recipes where preserved lemons are one of the vital ingredients. This will be good to give to friends who are into cooking.

  2. Marinate olives with a special mixture of olives, fresh herbs, garlic, and hot pepper flavors.

    ey are just superb for homemakers. Pack them in pretty containers. You must have some close friends that are olive lovers!

  3. Prepare some jams as your general gift. This is something that most people can eat with their breakfast toast. Jams are made with whole fruit cut into pieces or crushed. The fruit is heated with water and sugar to activate the pectin in the fruit. The mixture is then put into containers, but this time it will be in lovely, personalized containers.

  4. Prepare Dukkah for the adventurous ones. It is originally an Egyptian blend of spices and nuts. It is usually served with olive oil and bread for dipping but can also be sprinkled on dishes for a hint of nutty spiciness. It makes an excellent gift on its own or can be teamed with a bottle of extra virgin olive oil.

  5. Go for simple stuff like homemade Savory Barbecue Sauce. It might be too normal for a gift, but you’ll be surprised how useful it can be for many people especially during the holidays. Anything that can be cooked on the grill will be good with it whether it’s steaks, pork, mushrooms, or even eggplant.

  6. Bake some puddle cookies. These are even good for gluten or dairy intolerant sweet lovers. They are just made with just egg white, cocoa powder, sugar, nuts, and vanilla. There are enough ingredients to make this a sweet treat. You can do chocolate chips cookies also that are appreciated by most children.

  7. Make that homemade peanut butter for Christmas because it’s really a delight not only during special occasions. It’s a bit labor intensive with all the mashing and mixing but well worth the effort. Choose your raw peanuts very well because the quality of your peanut butter will depend on the peanuts themselves. It will not be complete without bottling it into festive containers.

If you are not confident yet in wrapping your homemade products, do not push it. You may want to take special courses or practice more until you become proud of your abilities. How to make Christmas gifts this way is something that we should all consider if we have the time and the culinary interest. The pleasure will be yours while cooking or preparing your own favorites for those people who mean a lot to you. It will even make you happier when they do not forget to send you back a “thank you” note saying how much they loved your homemade product!


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