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how to make Christmas hair bows

how to make Christmas hair bows how to make Christmas hair bows

The Christmas season can’t be expressed in words alone. There are the decorations, the songs, gifts, food, cards and of course the Christmas outfits. People wear happily themed clothes with greens and reds all over, not to mention the many Christmas-themed accessories worn by many women. From bracelets, earrings, necklaces to rings, headbands and bows. For those who like to tie their hair back, a Christmas hair bow is the best Christmas accessory. Try these simple steps describing how to make Christmas hair bows match your outfit to the theme of Christmas. Christmas hair bows are simple bows but more colorful, with designs depicting the Christmas season. Little girls love to wear these bows to match their Christmas dresses. Here is one simple project to create a Christmas bow with minimal materials:

  1. For this Christmas hair bow project, you will need a piece of cardboard (to act as the template), ribbon or lace of your choice (those with Christmas tree or Santa prints work well), a pair of sharp scissors, a needle, thread, a pin, a glue gun and a hair clip.

    Make sure that you have everything prepared ahead of time.

  2. First step is to make the template. On the cardboard, make a 4 by 5 inch square. The size will change, depending on how big or small you want your bow to be. Fold the cardboard in two and cut along the fold from the edge to half way across the board.

  3. Take your ribbon and locate the end. Secure it just half an inch from the edge of the board with a hair clip or hair pin and wrap the ribbon around the template. The number of turns of the ribbon around the board will determine the number of loops you’ll have in your bow. Four to five loops should be more than enough to give you a nice, fluffy bow.

  4. At the center of the board, push the pin through the ribbon all the way through the cut that you made on the board in step 2. Once it is in place, slide the ribbon off your cardboard template. Starting with the top loop of the ribbon, pull them slowly towards the right side while still securing the middle with your fingers. Then pull the inner loop towards the left side. You will know if you are doing this right if the ribbons start to pull apart. Continue doing this and you will notice that the ribbons will form a wide X shape.

  5. To secure the ribbons permanently take your needle and thread and stitch the middle part with the pin still securing the ribbon. Just two to three stitches just right next to the pin should be enough to make sure it’s tightly secured. Once you are sure it is, remove the pin and squeeze the bow firmly but gently.

  6. Gently pull the loose thread from the back then wrap it around at the middle of the bow about 2 to 3 times, then tie it securely.

  7. Finally, attach your hair clip to the back of the bow using hot glue gun.

The steps describing how to make Christmas hair bows are very easy and flexible. You can use different laces or ribbons. You can even add a few gems or crystals to the middle to make it prettier. Any way you like it, you can definitely do it!


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