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how to make Christmas ornaments

how to make Christmas ornaments

Having trouble with Christmas ornaments? Do you find them expensive and inappropriate for your homes? Well, fret no more. Learning how to make Christmas ornaments that will surely add glitter and spice to your Christmas celebration will be one easy task. Making them will surely bring out your creative ingenuity, and it’s environmentally friendly. You can even design your ornaments in a way that matches your style. Best of all, making Christmas ornaments can be one inexpensive and wonderful bonding activity that every family member can participate in and enjoy. Here are some tips on how to make Christmas ornaments.

  1. Plan out your ornaments. This will be very exciting especially if other family members are involved. Think about what you would want to have as ornaments for Christmas this year. You may decide to recycle those that have been used last year or have an all new set of ornaments personally made by you! Decide on a theme to make it more exciting. It can be a color-inspired theme or a material-inspired theme.


    If you had ornaments last year that were all white, perhaps you can have it all green, all red, or a combination of several colors for this year. Just make sure that the materials you will be using are readily available in your home. This way, you can save on expenses. Your planning should also include the number of ornaments you will be making and the areas in the house where these ornaments will be placed. These will ensure that you will not run out of material. The size of your house also matters. You don’t want to stuff your entire house with ornaments, do you? Too much decorations would be disastrous and too little would be a drab.

  2. Prepare your materials. You may need a pair of scissors, glue, adhesive tape, ribbons, yarn, and other craft items available in your home. You just have to be imaginative to be able to come up with unique and inexpensive Christmas ornaments. Look around the house, and you may find old buttons, beads, strings, small stuffed toys, tiny dolls, old jewelry pieces, small glass balls, glitter, old magazines, and newspapers. All these can be gathered and made into beautiful ornaments. If you decide on recycling some materials that were used in the previous years, you just have to polish them up and perhaps add a feature or two to make them relatively new.

  3. Make your Christmas ornaments. This is the fun part. You can begin by focusing on what your centerpiece will be. If you intend to make your Christmas tree as your centerpiece, then start with it. Here are some ornaments ideas:

    a. Artificial flowers, little reindeers, or toys. These can brighten up your Christmas tree. Simply lay these flowers conspicuously on the branches or hang the little reindeers or toys with brightly colored recycled strings.

    b. Old jewelry pieces. Don’t throw away those earrings that may have lost their pairs or are worn out. You can use them to decorate your Christmas tree.

    c. Heart ornaments. Those little hearts you’ve received on Valentine’s Day can be used as additional ornaments for your Christmas tree.

    d. Improvised nativity. Bring out those cardboard boxes stashed somewhere and make good use of them. Using a pencil, trace a nativity family scene. Cut it out and then use felt paper or colored paper to finish it off. You may also decide to use pastel, water color or crayons.

    e. Newspaper lantern and star. Using old newspapers, you can make designs for lanterns or a star for your Christmas tree. You can finish it off with a spray of color and glitter.

    f. Bead star ornament. Choose a thicker cardboard where you can trace a star. Cut it out, spread a good amount of glue on it, and then pour some beads on it. This can be placed on top of the Christmas tree.

So you see, learning how to make Christmas ornaments that are easy, fun, economical, and earth-friendly is possible. Your house may just provide you with all the things you need. You just have to be creative, resourceful, and patient.


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