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how to make clay figurines

how to make clay figurines

How to make clay figurines is a fulfilling hobby. It’s a time-consuming task, but it’s all worth it. Proportionate measurements and right placements of the clay are very demanding. But no matter how many times you make mistakes, clay will always be accommodating to your wishes. There’s something about immersing your bare hands and using your fingers in the molding process. There’s a strong feeling that you are in control, and your finished products are indeed the products of your own efforts. Here are some ways to make clay figurines:

  1. Choose from various clay options available. For home use polymer clay is very popular. It can be baked in the oven. Experts are also using polymer clays for their commercial arts and as replicas for bronze art work.

  2. It is easier to make figurines when you have visual references. Images, drawings, or pictures of how you want it to look with detailed information such as position, size, and character are vital. It will be a lot easier if the size of the picture is the same as the figurine you want to form.

    you intended to invent a certain look, such as a monster, get pictures of the details of its body parts like the fangs, skin texture, and hair. Put them together in one scary creation.

  3. Use durable wires in forming the skeleton of your figures. Floral and coated wire will do, but you can find armature wire made from aluminum from supply stores. Build the skeleton with considerations for the dimensions plus proportions of your intended product. Calipers will guide you to get the right measurements of the torso and limbs. Pin the picture on the wall in front of you so that you can follow accordingly from head to foot.

  4. Stuff your skeletal figure with aluminum foil. This will reduce the amount of polymer clay needed to mold your subject. The result will be a lighter item. Do the stuffing in bulky areas such as the muscles in the chest and legs plus the butt. The stuffing must be tightly fitted into the armature.

  5. Apply a minimal amount of clay for thin layers along the bulky body parts first then in structuring all the basic body parts. You can make the texture of the clay rough or smooth based on the requirement specified by the picture or your guide. Add or lessen the amount of clay according to what is needed. Detailed markings can be done easily using sculpting tools that are sold in most supply outlets.

  6. Gently rubbing using your fingers or moistened cotton swabs are good aids in polishing the shapes of your figure. Cut smaller pieces of clay to supplement finer details. Match the proportions of the drawn or pictured guideline with the figurine created using calipers.

  7. Finally, place your creation inside the pre-heated oven according to the directions on the polymer clay package. The sculpted figure will be permanent after this process.

You might want to start your own collections of toy soldiers, wild animals, and house pets. Once you’ve learned how to make clay figurines, it can become addictive when you find joy watching your products. Do not let a simple mistake discourage you. Continue to finish your product despite some difficulties. Mistakes are good teachers. You will surely get them right the second time around. Practice more to enhance your skills and for sure you’ll gain something valuable just by happily making them.


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