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How to make clay flowers

How to make clay flowers

How to make clay flowers is made easy by polymer clays. They are quick to do using only a few tools that you can improvise. Ideally, use a stencil cutter as something to trim your petals to make them round. As uncomplicated as they may seem, clay flowers are just beautiful works of art. People will be delighted to receive them as presents, so they are not just for ornamental use but also to let loved ones know that you care. Here are the stress-free steps in making them:

  1. Know the benefits of other types of clays. Firing clay is good if the hardening process is in the kiln. Oil-based clays are reusable, but they will not harden. This clay is appropriate when practicing how to mold or for children to play with. As you may already know, the use of polymer clays is not limited to amateurs only. It is, in fact, preferred by noted artists for creating art products for sale.

  2. Take a handful of clay to start up your clay flower-making session. Put the lump in-between your palms and roll it.

    It will slowly shape into a tube. Elongate it until the length reaches around six inches. Drop the clay on top of the wax paper and then add some more clay to the tubal clay. Using your hands, arrange the unrolled clay as extensions of the tubal clay. Shape these extensions into leaves based on the design in mind. If you have a picture of the selected outline, use this as a guide.

  3. Next to the leaves, roll a circular piece of clay and place it on top of the wax paper. Press the edges until they look like petals. Make use of the sculpting tool you bought from the supply center to imprint the pattern for the central part of your flower. Huge flowers like the sunflower will be very obvious to copy. You can even use rolled, thin strips of clay to look like filaments.

  4. Match the stems with the flowers made just like the real thing. They must be proportionate with each other. Once that you are satisfied with the look, attach them by connecting the back part of the flower to the end of the stem. Press lightly but surely to allow them to stick together. You can harden the newly-made clay figurines by baking them or putting them in a kiln. Do not put the remaining clay to waste. Mold a vase out of it to complete one flower set.

There’s nothing anyone can’t do using polymer clay if you have the creativity and patience. First timers can save themselves from wasting time and money by following the directions carefully. You can always explore complicated designs as you go along. Jumping into it too soon will make you lose interest from the craft. You will not only spend a lot of time correcting your mistakes, but you will have to say “goodbye” to the non-reusable supplies. How to make clay flowers should not be taken for granted. You will only harvest what you sow or, to say it bluntly, there’s no shortcut to this craft: Work harder by practicing more until you reach the level of expertise that most successful artists have. You don’t have to equal them, but you may exceed their ability if you are really up to it. This is your work so make sure that your personality is shown in your creations because that will make them different from other clay flower products on the market.


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