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how to make coloring books

how to make coloring books

Coloring books have always been part of the typical childhood experience. It is so much fun for kids to turn a black and white page into something colorful and beautiful. Even if coloring books are sold at affordable prices, this activity is more fun when you personalize the images. With the help of technology, you can learn how to make coloring books. Many aspects of a child’s development are enhanced through coloring book activities. Young children are learning the different colors and begin to differentiate one from the other. The books may also stimulate the imaginations of young children. Lastly, through holding, properly grasping and using the crayon, toddlers are developing their fine motor skills. These are important aspects in helping a young mind achieve its full potential. This activity is more interesting if you can make your own coloring book. You can incorporate your child’s current interests into the book and give it as a gift. Making a coloring book only entails a little time and effort. Here is how to do it.

  1. Choose the images or pictures that you want to include in the coloring book.

    ake sure that it is age appropriate. For beginners, especially the toddlers, you will need to pick out bigger imagers with fewer details, such as apples, carrots, houses and dogs. It also helps that these are familiar to them.

  2. Try to include images that appeal to the child’s unique tastes. Boys may be interested in trains, cars, trucks and airplane, while girls tend to be interested in dolls, playhouses, flowers and butterflies.

  3. Famous characters can also be included in the pictures. You can consider Barbie, Thomas the Tank Engine, Sponge Bob, Cinderella, Angry Birds, Lightning McQueen, and many others. Tailor fit to the age and the interest of the child.

  4. For an older child, you can also consider scenery, such as pictures of a playground with kids, a family in the back yard having a picnic, a volleyball game at the beach and many others.

  5. Once you have all the pictures that you want to include, you can now consider various methods of obtaining those images. You can search the internet. There are many websites wherein you can download images that are ready as coloring pages. A popular website is coloringbookfun.com. You can just download the images and print them out. Just remember that this is for personal use only and not to be mass produced.

  6. If you have drawing skills, you can directly draw onto the coloring book pages. If you want to enhance your work, scan it, and then edit it in various applications. You can make the lines look bolder or darken or lighten some shading. Afterwards, you can print it and add to your compilation.  By doing this will, you also create a more uniformed collection.

  7. You have many other options to spice up your coloring book. You can add some words or even make a storybook out of it. Personalize the title page by using the child’s name. Do not forget to bind everything together.

With all the available resources, it is easy to learn how to make coloring books. You can include your child in the making of this project or surprise them on a special day. Enjoy!


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