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how to make conference calls

how to make conference calls

Technology today makes everything easier for us. We basically can accomplish the impossible with the help of technology. One of these innovations in the realm of business is a conference call. If you are a secretary, someone working in admin, management, or the person in charge, you should know how to make conference calls. Conference calls are timesavers. People do not have to be physically together in a specific place. It saves everyone time and money on travel and related expenses. Placing a conference call is easy, but you need to plan and coordinate for it to be successful. Here are tips on how to make that conference call.

  1. First, communicate with the people involved and set the time and date for this meeting. It is always advisable to have your meeting during office hours so that you are at working mode and won’t be disturbed by your personal life. The office is also a quiet and professional place where everyone can concentrate and make decisions wisely.

  2. Just like with any other meeting, appoint someone to do the minutes of the meeting.

    If you have a secretary, you can have her join the meeting for that purpose. Also, before making any conference calls, you should know the proper etiquette.

  3. Select the conferencing service provider that you wish to use. Some may charge you a flat rate, and others may charge you based on how long the meeting lasts.

  4. Once you choose a provider, they will give you a number and a pin code. Give this to everyone joining the call. Remind them of the set date and time.

  5. On the day of the meeting, test the number and pin given at least 15 minutes before the scheduled conference call. This way, you have time to find and fix any issues.

  6. Make a list of everyone joining and mark the list as they call in. This way, you are sure not to leave anyone out.

These are the very easy steps on how to make conference calls. Make sure you wrap up the meeting properly by summarizing what has been discussed, and if needed, schedule your next conference call.


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