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how to make cool friendship bracelets

how to make cool friendship bracelets

Friendship bracelets are really cool. They are the symbol of a strong friendship between the maker and the wearer. These bracelets are durable, making them the most-recognized symbol of an intense friendly relationship. How to make cool friendship bracelets is one of the popular topics at summer camps, excursions, and regular gatherings of young people. Once the friendship bracelet is bestowed, it should not be taken off from the wearer’s wrist unless it falls off accidentally. A friendship bracelet has more sentimental value when it’s not store-bought. It’s made from long-lasting affordable materials, so it’s admirable to invest labor in that special token for a treasured friend. There’s no need to wait until you become an expert in making friendship bracelets because simple patterns will look good already. Some people even prefer this kind especially when the neutral colors are used because they can go with any daily clothing. Try making one by following the steps below:

  1. Choose three yarns with different colors. These can be the favorite colors of your friend or your own choices.

    people use seven strands to symbolize the seven letters in the word “FRIEND.” In actuality, there’s no restriction on the number of yarns that can be used for the friendship bracelet.

  2. Hold the strings up as they are fused together. Do the overhand knot at the tip of the strands, but leave around three inches allowance after the knot forming the tail.

  3. Secure the knotted yarns by taping the tail to a stable surface like a sturdy table while continually weaving the bracelet. This is to allow comfortable weaving of the yarns.

  4. Take the first string and overlap it over the second string resembling a number “4.” Pass the the first string under the second string through the space in the number “4.”

  5. Do the process again in the remaining portion of the first string together with the second. Try to make uniform weaves to create a decent look.

  6. Put the second string on the side and do the process from Step 4 this time on the first string together with the third. This will complete the first row.

  7. Get a hold of the second string and do the overlapping process again on the string located at the furthermost left. This is the original, second string.

  8. Do not stop making this pattern until the rows are enough to let the bracelet rotate around the wrist of the person you intended to give it to.

  9. Use a square knot to lock the bracelet in place. This cannot be easily taken out without making some efforts or without using a knife or scissors to forcefully cut it.

If you want the friendship bracelet to be thicker, braid the yarns together. There are many techniques how to make cool, friendship bracelets, but you can make your own personal style as well. Do not forget to let your friend make a wish after tying the friendship bracelet around his or her wrist. It is said that when the bracelet falls off by itself, the wish will come true. This is just a superstitious belief held since the 1700’s, but there’s no harm believing it as perhaps a guideline just not to predict the future. The superstition even made this tradition more mysterious. No wonder that young people are hooked on it, and the young at heart can’t help themselves but reminisce about the past.


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