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how to make crayons

how to make crayons

Coloring is sure to bring a smile to any child’s face. When coupled with coloring books, crayons can make pictures come to life. To indulge a child’s natural curiosity, we can share with them the steps on how to make crayons. As a non-toxic material, crayons are great tools to introduce to children. Aside from that, there is a wide variety of crayons for children to use. For example, for toddlers, there are bigger crayons for a better grip. There are also glow in the dark, scented and even sparkling crayons. However, the basic ingredients for making a crayon remain the same for all varieties. Paraffin wax, coloring agent and hardening powder are melted and mixed together. After they cool and harden, crayons are packed, labeled and finally distributed in the market. To make crayons at home, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare a safe work place. The kitchen may be one of your best options. If your child is watching, make sure that anything hot is out of his reach.

  2. Prepare the following ingredients: soap flakes, hot water, various food coloring, a mixing bowl, spoon and molder of your choice.


  3. Place two tablespoons or a cup of soap flakes into a mixing bowl. Add a teaspoon of hot water, just enough to make a paste. Stir until you reach a pasty consistency. When choosing soap, it is best to use a mild one, such as Ivory soap.

  4. Add very small amounts of the food coloring and constantly stir. You can let your child do this while you are assisting.

  5. Once you have reached the desired color, you can stop adding the food coloring. Always check the color or you might reach a very different shade than the one you want.

  6. Use a spoon to scoop the paste mixture into the molder of your choice. Make sure that there are no spaces or bubbles in the mixture.

  7. Allow the crayons to cool and form, then you can remove them from the molder. This may take up to one week. Afterwards, let the crayons sit for one to two days.

  8. Repeat the procedure for a different color. You may want to use a different molder for variety. Make small batches of different colors to save time.

  9. If you have broken crayons, you can also melt them according to color and place them in molders. They will look brand new.

  10. Place the crayons in a pretty container, set a ribbon and you can give it away as a gift.

Learning how to make crayons is easy to do. It can provide bonding time for you and your kids. Teachers can also use this as an activity in school. Making crayons and using them are good ways to build a child’s imagination and cognitive skills.


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