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how to make diaper cakes

how to make diaper cakes

Don’t know how to make diaper cakes? Don’t panic. Just read through this article and you’ll be ready long before that baby shower arrives.

  1. Purchase the champagne. You do not have to be generous on this one because this is just one of the components of the diaper cake as long as the content is good enough for the toast. Don’t worry much about the bottle and where it came from.

  2. You will need a platter. Store-bought platters from party stores are great, but making your own platter using sturdy cardboard or trimmed plywood is admirable.

  3. Roll the diapers and fasten them in pairs with a rubber band.

  4. Place the champagne bottle in the center and surround it with the rolled-up diapers to form a ring until there’s no more empty space. Secure the ring with an elastic band. Do it one more time to form the outer ring and fasten it with the same band again.

  5. Cover the entire layer with tissue paper.

    two pieces of tissue paper and pile them up one after the other. Fold the tissues into a square. At the center corner, cut the tissue equal to the radius of the champagne bottle in a strip-like manner.

  6. Open the trimmed tissue up and slide the hole around the bottle’s neck. Make sure that the tissue strips are tucked downwards around the bottle. No need to worry how it looks from the surface now because another layer is yet to be added. Arrange the edges of the tissues around the sides of the diaper. Use larger bands to secure the placement around the diapers. Make sure that the ends of the tissues are well-trimmed, but leave some to be tucked under the cake.

  7. It’s time to work on the next level. Use unwrapped diapers this time. Wrap them up around the bottle and stop until the thickness is half of that of the first level of wrapped diapers. Again, secure the setup with an elastic band.

  8. Do the tissue covering once again for the second level, but take note that there is no need to cut the tissues for the third layer. It’s just going to be a neat, flat top.

  9. Wrap the cake at the sides with white ribbon. Find a material that will give the look of a fondant layer. Three-inch wide ribbons will be fine, but you may have to double them up for each side to match the thickness of the diapers. Use Scotch tape to hold the ribbon firmly at the back of the cake.

  10. Find decorative ribbons that can show off the motif of the party. They may have some Winnie the Poohs on them if that’s the concept. Wrap them around the layers. The knot must be tied only at the back of the cake. Connect the coordinating ribbon at the knot.

  11. Create a gigantic bow matching the existing ribbons and attach it at the top. Add long ribbons that will be hanging from the top bow down to the sides of the cake as tails.

If you do not want to have anything to do with champagne since it is a baby shower anyway, you can substitute this with baby bottles. However, you will need one baby bottle per layer. You can add some paper flowers inside the baby bottle of the final layer at the top for a different look. How to make diaper cakes is fun. Enjoy while you make it and watch the guests being delighted with your piece of artwork!


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