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How to Make Dog Biscuits

How to Make Dog Biscuits

It might be very useful to learn how to make dog biscuits because while their cost can rise, you will always need to satisfy your dog. As a generous dog owner, you can’t help but add up how much it will cost to reward your dog for its persistent obedience. However, smart dog owners would rather make their own dog biscuits, so as not to hurt their finances. Follow these steps to make your own:

  1. Start with the basic recipe. Gather some wheat flour and use around 1 1/8 cup and at least 1/2 cup of all-purpose flour. Mix them up with 1/2 cup of peanut butter and a full cup of water. Add in two spoonful of cooking oil, preferably from vegetables.

  2. Make dough out of the mixture and prepare the oven by pre-heating it to 350 degrees. Once the dough is ready after kneading, let it sit for at least 10 minutes so that it can be rolled easily into the desired shapes. Cut them into pieces that are suitable for the dog’s bites.

  3. Create some escapes for the steam so that there will be no build-up inside the cookies while baking.

    f the steam doesn’t escape, it will create bubbles inside the cookies, making them hollow and brittle. You can do this by sticking a fork in the top of the cookies after arranging them on a baking pan without grease.

  4. Bake for the first 25 minutes initially. Check them every five minutes to see if they are evenly baked. You can add more time as needed. Don’t worry if the baking time reaches 35 minutes. Just make sure that the cookies are hard enough after baking. Let them cool down first before feeding them to your dog, and store the rest for the next meals.

  5. Do not refrigerate. Just transfer the remaining cookies into a clean and dry plastic container that can be sealed tightly. You can use the usual zip plastic bags or a stand-alone container. The biscuits are kept fresh for as long as they are crispy. The length of their shelf life will depend on how long they are exposed to the air. So, try to immediately close the cover once you have enough for the current feeding.

  6. Feel free to revise or enhance the recipe by adding or substituting healthy ingredients. You can only bake perfect biscuits for your dog if you practice constantly. Just don’t stray too far from the basic recipe in terms of the foundation so that its consistency will be retained. You can add some ingredients in small quantities, but retain the proportion of the flour and water so that the cookies don’t turn out too soft.

It is not difficult to learn how to make dog biscuits. It could actually be very easy for people who are into baking. Even for non-bakers, the directions are pretty straightforward to follow. Once you’ve mastered the fundamental steps, you can always throw in additional twists to make your cookies unique and tastier for your dog. What is good for your dog should be edible for you too. So, do not hesitate to taste them so that you will know how to improve in your next baking session. This is not just an indulging activity for your dog, but also a fulfilling task for you.


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