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How to Make Dog Collars

How to Make Dog Collars

Dog collars are accessories you can let your dog wear around its neck.  You can get creative and make your own comfortable and stylish collar for your pet.  If your dog is sensitive, then choose polypropylene over nylon; however, the most common type of collar is a nylon collar.  Also a cotton material can be used as it can be more comfortable for an overly-sensitive dog. When you make your own collar, you save money while choosing a design that matches your dog’s personality. Here are the steps on how to make dog collars:

  1. Measure your dog’s neck and add 6 inches allowance to make a nylon collar with a ribbon as accent. Cut the nylon according to the measurement. If your dog is small, ½ to 1 inch width is ideal; if medium sized, 1 to 1½ inch width; and if it’s a huge dog, 2 to 2 ½ inch width would be just right. Seal both edges of your nylon strip by heating it with the use of a lighted candle. As soon as the edges start to melt, remove it and let it cool. Other materials such as cotton cannot be heat sealed or else they will burn.


  2. Secure a ribbon with your desired color and design. It should be at least 1 inch thinner than the width of your nylon material. Position it at the center of the nylon material and sew both sides to the nylon to keep it in place. For a female dog, choose pastel or feminine colors and designs; for male dogs, choose a strong or masculine color and simpler designs.

  3. Insert a buckle on one end of the nylon strip and fold it about 2 inches to enclose the buckle. Sew the center of the folded nylon to secure the buckle. Just before the other end of the folded material, insert a D ring and sew the end to secure it.  This is an ornament for your dog collar. On the other end of the nylon material, insert the other half of the buckle, fold and sew it to secure. Most buckles used nowadays are made of plastic and not metal. This completes the collar. Test the buckle to ensure it fits and locks on the neck of your pet dog. It should be sewn durably as sometimes you can just hold your dog by the collar if you want to lead it somewhere.

  4. Adding a decoration is optional.  Put a bow or some ornamental buttons on the surface of the new collar. Space it artistically and sew it on your dog’s collar. Now, you are ready to go to the park and display the new collar you made for your dear pet. You can make a number of different designs and use them interchangeably to project a fashion statement for your pet dog. Used collars can be washed and worn again by your dog.

Dog collars are accessories that will make your dog really look attractive.  There are many kinds available in pet shops, but it is wise to know how to make dog collars.  Collars are very popular accessories for pet dogs. They can project a look of femininity, elegance, power and much more. Making collars can also become a hobby, and you will be surprised that most pet owners really invest in these kinds of accessories for their dogs.


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