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How to Make Dog Food

How to Make Dog Food

There are a lot of ways to make dog food. The advantage of making your own is that you are in control of what ingredients you want to use.  You can also adopt it to the nutritional requirements of your pet dog. Cost wise, it is much cheaper – not to mention you get to serve your dog fresh food, which is really very healthy. Commercially available dog food is noted to be of poor quality as the ingredients used are simply meant to be cost effective. Storage and preservation also becomes an issue. Here are the ways on how to make dog food:

  1. Dog foods should be a combination of protein, vegetables and carbohydrates.  The ideal ratio should be 40, 30 and 30 percent, respectively.  You can experiment on any item available from each food group. An example is turkey for protein, carrots for vegetables and rice for carbohydrates. You can cook the ingredients together or you can cook them separately and just mix upon serving. Alternative proteins could be ground beef, pork or lamb. Alternatives for carbohydrates could be oatmeal, potato or brown rice.

    kind of vegetable can also be used.

  2. Don’t make your dog food salty as it is harmful for dogs.  The fewer condiments you put in, the better it is for your dog.  It’s like cooking food for yourself - making it salty could be harmful for your kidneys.  You can make it healthier by using olive oil to cook the protein and adding in garlic or egg. The vegetables can just be blanched, and the rice or other carbohydrates boiled.

  3. Use ingredients that are in season, especially for the vegetables, to save on cost. Also, cook a variety of your own dog food so your dogs will not get tired of eating the same kind each time.  Make your preparation as simple as possible and cook only enough for two to three days to maintain its freshness.  Dog food should be kept inside the refrigerator so it won’t get spoiled.  It is best to label the container on the date it was cooked so you won’t be serving your dog spoiled food. Make sure there are no molds before you give it to your dog to avoid stomach discomfort.

  4. Check with your veterinarian to determine which supplements or multivitamins you can include in the mixture to make it more nutritious for your pet dog. When compared to commercially available dog food, making your own is much better as some products sold in pet shop supplies are no longer fresh. Prolonged consumption can even cause serious diseases such as kidney problems and heart diseases. Minor problems observed are skin irritations and low resistance to respiratory diseases.

Making your own dog food is the best care you can give to your dog. This is for long term benefits. Your pet will surely grow old while you remain free from worries and unexpected expenses when it gets sick. Knowing how to make dog food is easy.  You do not have to be a good cook to be able to achieve a nutritious and palatable meal for your beloved dogs. It was observed that dogs given home cooked meals are much healthier than those given commercially available dog foods. They are also more active and more cheerful pets. It is therefore worth your time and effort to make dog foods yourself.


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