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How to Make Dog Food That is Nutritious and Safe

How to Make Dog Food That is Nutritious and Safe

Practice how to make dog food that is nutritious and safe if you are worried that the March 18 Pet Food Recall in 2007 may happen again. Many cats and dogs were affected with a string of illnesses. Some of them were fatal. One of the known causes was Salmonella contamination, according to the testing performed with some dog food products. Even the most popular brands were taken away from pet supply outlets. Here’s how you can play it safe and do it yourself:

  1. Decide whether you are going to make a dry or wet dog food recipe. Add more water if you want it wet, but bear in mind that dogs are used to eating 1/4 of meat mixed with 3/4 of carbohydrates. You can add a little portion of vegetables, but smash or grind them because they can’t be easily digested by dogs. Sprinkle a little brewer’s yeast as a nutritional supplement and do not give hot or cold foods to your dog.

  2. Gather easily available ingredients to come up with an appetizing dog food combination. Use rice, flour or wheat for the carbohydrate component.

    for brown rice, soy or corn flour for added nutrition. Include grounded beef, lamb, tuna, liver or chicken for the meat component. Add a small amount of omega 3, cod liver or flaxseed oil to enhance your homemade dog food’s nutritional value.

  3. Bake some treats for your dog like peanut butter flavored bite sized cookies. In a mixing bowl, add some flour plus other ingredients like powdered milk, chopped carrots and refined bone meal. Be careful with nutty foods. Some are not safe for your dog, but peanuts are an exception.

  4. Minimize the processed vegetable content in your dog food. They are not sensitive to spinach and carrots, but they can suffer from indigestion if you add a substantial amount of broccoli.

  5. Do not neglect their sources of calcium for healthy bones and teeth. Aside from bone meal and powdered milk, give them fresh bones - meaty enough for them to savor. Do not expose raw meats and bones for more than 30 minutes without refrigeration. They can be contaminated by bacteria, including Salmonella, if not preserved. The goal here is to make sure that whatever you’re serving your dog is fresh and free from contaminants.

  6. Be familiar with common foods that should not be given to the dog, even in small amounts. Seizures in dogs can be triggered by chocolates and nutmeg. So, dispose of chocolate wrappers properly because dogs may lick what’s left in the wrapper. The same goes for tea and coffee, so do not allow your dog access to your kitchen trash.

  7. Grapes or raisins are bad for the dog’s kidney. Its blood circulation can be hampered by onions. If you do not want your dog to experience paralysis, keep it away from macadamia nuts. Just to be sure, do not let it eat raw eggs or too much garlic. Raw eggs may lead to a Salmonella infection, while excessive garlic causes indigestion.

Do not feed your dog stocks of foods left in the refrigerator for a long time. They might already have molds growing on them. Also, spare your dog from cyanide-rich leftovers like fruit. Deciding and choosing how to make dog food that is nutritious and safe can only be achieved for your pet if you are careful enough in choosing the best ingredients. Dogs will get used to what their masters are feeding them on a regular basis – so there’s no need to worry that they will not eat what you prepare for them, just as long as you make sure that the ingredients used safe.


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