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How to Make Dog Treats at Home

How to Make Dog Treats at Home

Learning how to make dog treats at home can be an entertaining hobby. Your dog will surely be very grateful that you spent extra time on it. Aside from having something to reward your obedient dog with, you will be preoccupied by a worthwhile activity that is also healthy for your well-being. This is where you can focus not just your mind but also your heart and body. Here are some ideas:

  1. Be selective with the ingredients. Aside from choosing what is appetizing to your dog’s palate, also consider the nutritional values they can provide. Also be aware of elements that can be harmful to the dog. There are succulent treats for humans that are poisonous to the dog, like chocolates.

  2. Go for fresh produce since you are cooking the treats yourself. This is actually one way of making sure that the dog treats are without preservatives, which can trigger your dog’s allergies or may be gradually hazardous to its internal organs like the liver. Canine diseases are also traced back to commercially formulated dog foods.

    ust avoid using onions and grapes as they are dangerous to the dog.

  3. Make something out of what is leftover in your refrigerator after your family’s meals. They can be frozen unseasoned meats, starches from potatoes, common vegetables and seasonal fruits, but avoid any foods that are prohibited to dogs.

  4. Experiment with your own recipes, but here are some ideas for the best dog treat recipes. Try a spoonful of yoghurt, preferably vanilla yoghurt, combined with 1/2 cup of peanut butter. Mold this into cupcake sizes and serve frozen straight from the freezer. This recipe is actually very helpful for teething dogs. Aside from that, frozen treats are ideal rewards during and after play time, especially in the summer when the sun is up.

  5. Bake some doggie cookies using egg, beef or chicken stock, a few pieces of bacon and grated cheese. Mix them all up with some cooking flour and wheat germ or liver powder to form dough. Add only a small pinch of salt to taste. Make them into the desired shapes and arrange them on a baking pan before baking them in a pre-heated oven of about 350 degrees. You cannot go wrong with the recipe if you follow the normal baking procedures and principles.

  6. Incorporate nutritious vegetables and fruits like pumpkin and apple into your baking. You can make exciting flavored balls out of these ingredients. Just add proportional amounts of molasses, vegetable oil, baking soda and powder, corn or wheat flour and water to make the mixture consistent. Baking time should be around 25 minutes. Make some varieties by adding honey, cinnamon or anything aromatic for the dog – not to mention the added nutrition.

Going out of your way is not necessary when following the above procedures on how to make dog treats at home. Maintain the proper selection of fresh ingredients. Not cooking for human consumption does not mean that your standard exercises in the kitchen will deteriorate. In fact, you should feel as if you are preparing food for that one very special family member – trying your best to keep it away from illnesses. Store your creations properly and serve them to your dog.


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