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How to Make Ear Wash for Dogs

How to Make Ear Wash for Dogs

It is a fact that bacteria and yeast are often found inside your dog’s ears especially if they flop down. It is important to frequently wash and clean them. Knowing how to make ear wash for dogs should give you an edge in taking care of your beloved pet. This will come in handy when you see or smell symptoms of possible ear infection. As soon as you smell a foul odor coming from your dog and see gunk forming on their ears, immediately solve this problem by mixing your homemade ear wash. Here are a few tips on how to create a wash to keep your dog’s ears healthy and clean.

  1. Gather all your ingredients. Create your own ear wash at home with the use of gentle yet effective materials such as witch hazel, boric acid and gentian violet. You will also need a small bottle or container in which to mix the ingredients. A baby syringe can also help you when applying the wash to your dog’s ears.

    Although rubbing or isopropyl alcohol can be used as a substitute for witch hazel, it is always advisable to use the latter as it is gentler when it touches the ear.


  2. Use accurate measurements. Homemade ear wash must be mixed exactly. Drop four tablespoons of boric acid, 16 ounces of witch hazel, and 16 drops of the gentian violet solution into the prepared bottle. Shake the mixture well before using it on your pet’s ears.

  3. Apply the solution to the ears carefully avoiding the eyes. Keep in mind that you should only use this wash if your dog’s ears are not inflamed. If you see any signs of inflammation, wait until it has subsided before attempting to wash them. If the ears are ready, shake the bottle well so that all the ingredients are blended and mixed properly then, using a syringe, squeeze out a small amount of the wash and apply it onto your dog’s ears. Give them a massage for about 30 seconds then wipe out the excess solution from the ears. Repeat this process a second time for about 30 seconds then wipe it off with a tissue.

    It is important that you perform this activity outdoors or on your backyard as the gentian violet is so strong that it can stain and mess up the surroundings. This ingredient also serves as an anti-infection agent while the boric acid and the witch hazel soothe the skin. Make sure that your dog has completely shaken off what was left of the solution before you allow him back inside your home.

  4. Make a follow up.  After the first two applications, check your dog’s ears and apply the solution twice a day for the first two weeks. Follow this through with one drop daily for the next two weeks. Maintain a daily drop schedule for the succeeding month. This process will completely heal your dog’s infected ears.

Dogs that scratch their ears endlessly should already be suspect of having yeast, bacteria or other ear mite infections. Your knowledge on how to make ear wash for dogs must come into the picture when you notice this sign to prevent further damage and disease.


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