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how to make earrings with beads

how to make earrings with beads

Earrings with bead can look great and complement an outfit very well. Luckily, you do not need to go to a fashion school to make some. You can learn how to make earrings with beads on your own. Many successful entrepreneurs in the jewelry business started their venture by honing their hobby into a craft and skill. Interest and enthusiasm about making earrings with beads are essential to creating attractive pieces. Just make sure that you have all the materials on hand for the designs that you have in mind. Jewelry supply stores are good sources of beads, wires, and other components. Take note of these basic guidelines to help you make earrings with beads.

  1. Consider investing in some tools to make the most of your design. You can make better loops when equipped properly. You will need round nose pliers for this. Chain or flat nose pliers can get into tight places. Wire or side cutters can eliminate cut off stringing material and wire. Use crimping pliers to set your beads in place and an awl for knotting. Bead boards can hold the beads in a steady position while you work on them.

    Don’t forget scissors, adhesives, tweezers, beading needles, a measuring stick, and a hammer.

  2. Follow these tips to help you along: Pear-like beads, crystals, or briolettes are already beautiful in of themselves. Proper settings could further enhance their attractiveness. Play around with shapes and sizes. Use smaller beads to highlight a centerpiece. Be sure to color coordinate. And make designs that you like because wearing them will make you happy.

  3. Get a matching metal holder set. French hook ear wires, bead caps, silver ball spacer connectors and head pins are just few of the common wiring accessories you’ll need. Your metal could be sterling or fine silver depending on your budget and preferences.

  4. Assemble all components with care. Think before twisting wires. Draw sketches of your desired design as a guide when you are making the real thing. Trial and error can only make you better at the art of making earrings. However, unnecessary mistakes and waste are avoidable if you have a concrete plan.

    Once you expand your work space into a showroom, then you’ll know that you have a future in the jewelry
  • Maintain a neat and tidy work space. An organizer can be very helpful. Do not let your materials mix. Dispose of waste materials immediately. A chaotic ambiance can jeopardize your creative imagination. Make sure that your working area is clean and well-lit.

You can diversify and start making necklaces, bracelets, and complete sets of accessories. Just remember that you’ve started this whole thing from knowing how to make earrings with beads.


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