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how to make easy science projects

how to make easy science projects

What would you do when, despite racking your brain, you can’t come up with an idea for the upcoming Science Fair? Basic things can be great experiments if you are creative enough. Maybe it’s time to think about how to make easy science projects to allow a continuous flow of thoughts leading to the best idea you can ever have. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to make a winning science project. Here is how:

  1. Research for ideas. Nowadays, you do not have to desperately run around town to look for an idea that would be perfect for the event. You can just use some key words to search for various Science Fair entries done in the past through the Internet. The intention is not to copy the experiment but to learn more about the procedure and see if there are properties that can be used on your preferred project.

  2. Choose the idea that appeals to you and explore further. Let’s say, for instance, that you are pleased to see the success of an experiment involving electricity.  Study the details of what makes it a brilliant entry.

    aps you’ve learned something from that experiment that was not applied in the past fair. If electricity can travel safely through skin using lead wires, galvanized pipes, copper pipe, and alligator clips to attach the end of the wire to a wet hand, how would it travel through organic matter like vegetables? Is there any benefit from it?

  3. Improve the chosen idea and experiment for a new goal. Try a potato covered with phosphoric acid that can conduct electricity from a copper penny and iron nail. What does this prove, and where can it be applicable? The point is, even if there’s one major topic which is electricity, you are experimenting with it using a totally different set of materials and to what happens.

  4. Make your experiment unique to be original. Test other fruits or vegetables that can conduct electricity better until you end up with your ultimate goal, which is to find that fruit or vegetable that can actually generate electricity with the use of some electricity conductors and wiring. See if you can support the theory of generating enough electricity cheaply from this setup to light a tiny lamp. This would be very helpful and safe in replacing candles during emergency power shortages.

  5. Review your notes for the experiment not to miss important details. Careful evaluation of the procedures, connections, materials and setups that work will give you a promising experiment for your science project. Never claim anything that is not proven by your experiment. You may change the purpose based on the attained setup to simplify the experiment. You can do further tests if you are determined to reach your aim. If you are that close, you do not want to stop right there.

  6. Perform the experiment and do it over and over again to perfect the outcome. Once you get the right formula, practice by doing the actual experiment, and get ready to demonstrate it step-by-step in front of curious spectators. You’ll be confident to do this in public when you are true to yourself.

Sometimes we have to relax to be able to think better. Positive thoughts will always lead to good results. The next time you are bothered with how to make easy science projects, take a deep breath, sit back, relax, play with the computer, and go back to basics because great things can come from nothing. You will be proud that you’re able to create something out of nothing.


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