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how to make Elmo cupcakes

how to make Elmo cupcakes

If your child is demanding for Elmo to appear at his birthday party, the best compromise is to make Elmo-inspired cupcakes. Most moms should know how to make Elmo cupcakes, especially if their kids admire the Sesame Street Muppet character. Making Elmo cupcakes is simple; most of the required materials are available in the nearby craft store or grocery store. In fact, your child may even want to help you make the dessert. Here is how:

  1. Prepare the components. Generally, a typical Elmo cupcake has red fur, eyes, nose and mouth. Depending on your budget, available time and skills, there are many ways to design Elmo cupcakes. At any rate, let us work on the individual components of the cake.

  2. The ingredients needed are as follows: 18 to 24 cupcakes (preferably the favorite flavor of your toddler), pre-blended icing or no-taste red paste icing, white icing, pre-mixed black gel, large marshmallows, brown-tan icing (or tan candies or unsalted peanuts) and black chocolate cookie (preferably Oreo).

  3. The Cupcakes.

    If this is your first time, one and a half to two dozen cupcakes (18 to 24 pieces) are a good start. The size and flavor of the cupcakes is your decision. Anyway, you’ll use red icing to cover the surface of the cakes. Baking a red-velvet cupcake recipe is fairly a good option.

  4. The Red Fur. Even if there are a variety of decorating techniques, always remember that the common denominator is to make the fur vibrantly red. Cake decorating experts know that red is a difficult color to work with. The red fur, if not made perfectly, can affect the taste of the cupcakes. To be safe, buy pre-blended icing or no-taste red paste icing. Either of these can be a little expensive, but at least you will produce great cupcakes.

  5. The Eyes. The eyes on each cupcake need to portray happy-looking Elmo, rather than creating an unfocused look. At least one-third of the cupcake surface is enough to make happy eyes. Put white icing into your piping bag, and draw two protruding circles. As for the irises, using pre-mixed black gel is a good idea. Divide each large marshmallow into two pieces. Dab each piece with red icing, and then put them on the cake’s surface. Each black iris must then be piped over the marshmallows.

  6. The Nose. The nose must be snuggled in the middle of the eyes without overpowering Elmo’s entire face. To create the desired nose width and length just pipe brown-tan icing with a rounded tip. If you like, you can use tan candies or unsalted peanuts instead.

  7. The Mouth. To convey a joyful smile, the mouth of Elmo is typically like a dark half-moon. Divide a black chocolate cookie and position it correctly. Pipe red icing over the cookie to yield a happy face.

For more than 30 years now, Elmo has remained an icon for toddlers. That is why many kids consider this furry and red monster as their close friend. Puppeteer Kevin Clash uses his falsetto voice in giving life to Elmo. Interestingly, the speaking accent of Louis and Mae, Elmo’s parents, is more of a Southern American tone of voice. Because of the popularity of Elmo, more and more children’s parties are adopting an Elmo-inspired theme. Many moms are now more than willing to learn how to make Elmo cupcakes at home.


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