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how to make extra money from home for free

how to make extra money from home for free

There are so many opportunities for you to make extra money from home for free, particularly with the wave of the latest technology today. There are at least two basic things you need: your computer and good Internet access. Then, you’re on your way to getting additional income without stressing yourself too much.  There are six options you can check out right now on the Internet. All of these are easy, achievable and free.

  1. Make use of the email addresses stored in your contact folder. Instead of spending your time on various social networking sites, chatting with friends and earning nothing, you might as well use the email addresses in your contact folder and send them a message about the services you have. Those contacts need not become your clients, but at least they can refer their friends to you. For example, after school you might like to babysit for a few hours or tutor other students. It’s very possible that your contacts have friends who need the kind of service you have.

  2. Browse for writing jobs on the Internet.

    is kind of online work is very attractive, especially if you find a very good employer. The important thing to remember in this home-based work is to keep your writing error-free in terms of English grammar. If you wish to work full time to maximize your earnings, choose a work shift like eight hours per day with consistent output. If part-time work is more convenient because you have other steady work, then a pay-per-article working scheme is best for you.

    Decide which work schedule is appropriate for you. Your primary consideration is to keep your written work within or beyond the expectations of your employer. If you write well, your employer will be happy and in return you’ll be paid fairly.

  3. Offer tutorial service online. There are students who prefer getting tutorial classes on the Internet, usually via Skype. Whatever your academic expertise is, either math, English or chemistry, there are tons of jobs waiting for you. Your Internet speed must be 1 megabit per second at least, and your video background if you use a webcam should be plain and bright.

    Regarding the pay, be patient. Tutors are usually paid by the hour. Don’t worry if you don’t earn much initially. Just keep your work impeccable. While you’re performing exceptionally in your classes and your students are giving out positive feedback, your income should increase.

  4. Sell online. Notice that in the corners of your room there are most likely accumulated things that are no longer of use to you. Instead of throwing them away, clean them a bit and sell them on eBay. Take photos of your items with plain backgrounds and write brief descriptions of them.

    Opening an account on eBay is free, but you may be charged certain listing fees, depending on what you sell. Every time you sell, eBay takes a commission and you get the rest. Selling your used and like-new items online allows you to earn money, and at the same time it’s more eco-friendly than throwing them out.

  5. Open a website. This opportunity can bring huge income, although not instantly. Sign up with Google Adsense to enable you to post various advertisements on your site and eventually generate more and more traffic. Getting more traffic to your site isn’t an overnight accomplishment.

    After setting up your website, you are not supposed to campaign to your family members and friends telling them to visit your ads. If this happens, you risk your site because it can get banned early on and turn your effort into nothing. Just be patient and see how it gradually brings you more income.

Take these five steps seriously and start making more money. In addition, there are more strategies on how to make extra money from home for free available on the Internet. Simply do a Google search and learn more.


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